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Month: May 2016 Archives

Growing Your Business With Online Brand Design

Learn to Grow Your Business Online

Your business should be online because that’s where a lot of your customers are. Online brand design will help you create an online presence that reaches your customer and helps grow your small business.

Smartphone Marketing: 11 Free Apps That Will Help You

Hand holding an iPhone using Instagram with text overlay: 11 free app to help you do smartphone marketing better.

The world is on the go. Nobody stays still to listen to your message very long. Your best chance is to make your message concise and make it interesting. It has to capture attention within seconds. Luckily there are tons of smartphone marketing tools available to you. That computer in your pocket lets you do…

Budget Marketing Online How To For Business Growth

Learn how to use budget marketing methods online to achieve business growth.

Doing anything on a budget is no fun (but always necessary) and budget marketing is no different. To make things a bit more interesting, I’m going to talk about a few things that will help you do some marketing on no budget. Some ideas I mention assume you do have some basic framework in place…

The One App I Can’t Live Without And You Shouldn’t Either

The one app you need on your smartphone is a password manager. It create unique and complex passwords.

There’s only one type of app that nobody should live without. It’s not a productivity app and it’s not a health app. It’s also probably not on the essential list or the cool list, but it is needed more than any of the essentials. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, this app should…

Learn to Approach Social Media Effectively

Learn to approach social media effectively.

Social media is an extremely powerful way to communicate directly with your customers. The key is to approach it as a way to communicate, though, never to sell. Learning to approach social media effectively is necessary to find any value in it. I’m going to cover three things you can do to help your business benefit from…

Landing Page Search Optimization: Should You Bother?

Landing page search optimization. Should you bother?

Last week I read a thoughtful article about landing pages. It was about the need to stop picking the landing page details apart thinking they matter. Button color? It probably doesn’t matter if it’s orange or green as long as it stands out. Nope, it’s not always about aesthetics, but it is always about standing…

My Advice On Starting a New Business

Advice for starting a new business.

I’ve always had a passion for starting new businesses and learning new things. While I’ve never built anything into a multi-million dollar business, I have been proud of what I’ve created and accomplished over the years. I’ve been able to support myself through school and have always done business on the side while working a…

Be Where Your Customers Are

Be Where Your Customers Are - Hang Out Where They Hang Out

Finding new customers online is a challenge. You have to first figure out who your customers are, then figure out how to reach them. But you have to reach them, your brand relies on it to extend its reach online. As a small business it’s impossible to have the reach a larger brand can have, though,…

17 Things Your Small Business Website Needs, 11 It Might

17 Things Your Small Business Website Needs, 11 It Might

Every small business website needs a purpose. These small business website needs will help you understand what you need to focus on for a successful business website. With the right items, the website can meet business goals and contribute to the success of your business.

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