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Month: July 2016 Archives

Become a Search Pro And Grow Your Business With This One Tip

Become a Search Pro And Grow Your Business With This One Tip

Many tasks you’ll need to do for your business online requires you to become a search pro. Not only does search help you learn more about your industry, it lets you find competitors and customers. More important than simply searching for information, though, is to search for it intelligently using the tools you have available. There’s one…

When To Create A Landing Page vs Web Page

When To Create a Landing Page vs Web Page overlayed over landing runway

Knowing when to create a landing page or a web page sounds complex, but it will be more clear after reading this post. When trying to decide landing page vs web page, understanding the basics of each can go a long way. The goal of a landing page isn’t the same as a web page even…

Why People Visit Your Business Online

Why People Visit Your Business Online with city street and people shopping in background

Times have changed since the days of finding a company in the yellow pages, on bulletin boards, and in-person referals. It was both easier and more difficult to find a good company. Doing business online has changed things, though. Understanding why people visit your business online is an important step towards setting goals. Before you spend time putting…

The Blogging Mistake Your Business Can’t Afford

The one blogging mistake your business can't afford over coffee spilled on pile of papers.

There’s a lot to think about when blogging. One of the most difficult things to think of when starting or writing your blog is what to write about. The top business blogging mistake stems from not knowing what to write about on your business blog. Because blogging takes a lot of your time, making this mistake…

Ideal Blog Post Length: Your Mileage May Vary

The Ideal Blog Post Length with stack of papers with writing on them in background.

Last week I wrote about why you must have a business blog. Keeping with that theme, I want to make it clear what the ideal blog post length is for your posts. There’s many different answers out there and it can have an effect on how your blog posts do in search engines and on social media.…

Why You Must Have a Business Blog

Why you must have a business blog over man writing on notepad

Exposing customers to your business builds brand recognition and trust. The more you put your business out there the more likely it is to be seen. Similarly, the more you blog, the more likely customers are to see your business. A business blog is a great way to build brand recognition and trust with customers. The…

Grow Your Business: Online Brand Design With Content Marketing

Chess pieces in the background with text overlay "Online Brand Strategy." Online brand design with content marketing.

Building a reputable brand online takes time and perseverance. With an effective content marketing strategy, it can be less painful, though. A good online brand design must take into account content marketing. Designing an online brand takes into account many factors. Some of those factors are social media presence, search engine optimization, and your website. Possibly the…

Help Local Customers Find Your Local Business

City small business storefront local business, local customers.

Local businesses also rely on the internet for driving customers locally. Make sure your small business is set up to be present to local customers when they’re searching for you. Without being present for local customers, you’re likely to be overlooking in an increasingly digital world.

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