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Month: August 2016 Archives

5 Blogging Tools You Can’t Live Without (And Shouldn’t)

5 Blogging Tools You Can't Live Without. Wall of tools organized by size.

Blogging is an amazing way to increase your skills in your industry while showing others you’re the expert. There are many blogging tools that allow you to do that easier and more efficient. Hopefully, your small business has a blog, if not it’s time to evaluate if it’s a good decision for you. If you don’t have a…

Is Social Media Critical To Small Businesses?

Is Social Media Critical To Small Businesses?

Starting and growing a small business is no easy task. Technology has made it easier in some ways, though, but in other ways more complex. How people find businesses and products has made social media critical to all small businesses. Whether your audience is consumers or another business, social media will help you make important connections.…

Improve Your Chance Of Turning Customer Referrals Into Customers

Improve Your Chance Of Turning Customer Referrals Into Customers

Customer referrals are the most important source of new customers for your business. Referrals come from a lot of different places both online and offline but it doesn’t matter where they come from. If someone has worked with you before and they had a good experience, they’ll tell others about you. Referrals from customers are awesome because they…

How To Make Your Dream Job Seek You Out

Make your dream job seek you out

Even in the best of times, there’s a lot of competition for your dream job. There are other job seekers to compete with and a grueling interview process. By following suggestions here, you’ll be positioning yourself as a premium candidate that will have your dream job seeking you out. The first place to start if you want…

Build Brand Authority With Conversations

Build Brand Authority With Conversations

When starting your business, cash flow is one of the biggest problems. Luckily there are some free advertising ideas you can use to build brand authority and grow your business. I was fortunate enough to give one of 25 free advertising ideas in this article for small business professionals. The idea I provided was to build authority by…

Send An Automatic Newsletter To Grow Your Business

Send an automatic newsletter to grow your business.

Wouldn’t it be nice to automate some of the tasks that help your business grow? It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think to automate a task that helps your business stay relevant to customers. An automatic newsletter can do just that by providing a steady stream of content from your blog or a news website. You…

Social Media Marketing In Minutes With Ease

Social media marketing in minutes, all with ease.

You can reach a lot of customers in the wide world of social media. The problem is they’re probably not looking for you. They’re also definitely not interested in detouring their social media activity to check out your sales pitch. Even with the challenge of attracting interest, social media marketing is a powerful tool to reach new…

Small Business Mobile Marketing: Connect With Your Customers On The Go

Small Business Mobile Marketing: Connect with customers on the go

Your customers are unpredictable. Especially how they use the Internet to find companies online. Connecting with your customers who receive your online brand well relies on effective small business mobile marketing. Where does mobile marketing start for your business? Your website. That’s why having an awesome website that works well on customers smartphones is essential…

Organic vs Paid Marketing: Where to Invest

Organic vs Paid Marketing: Where you should invest your money.

There are few well-defined black or white answers in life. There are many grey areas that aren’t easy to define. Then there are those instances where there are several variables. Organic vs paid marketing is one of those things in life that relies on variables. Depending on the stage your business is in, you’ll probably approach marketing differently. Your marketing also…

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