What You'll Get

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  • Picture of the author in a personal bio section.
  • relevant follow link to your website in the blog post (any non-relevant link will be no-followed).
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What We Expect

  • Quality original content (it should not be published elsewhere) with helpful information for readers.
  • All content must be exclusive to The Online Presence Blog.
  • Content that is primarily written to help readers and not sell to them.
  • Familiarity with The Online Presence Blog.
  • Properly cited sources.
  • Images must be properly credited to their original source and provided in high resolution.
  • Easy to read content with short sentences. You can check your writing at Readable or a similar service to reach a rating of A.

What You Should Expect

Once you fill out the form to the right we'll review your request. If one of your ideas fits with the topics in The Online Presence Blog you'll be contacted.

We'll email you to discuss the logistics of writing your post and of course what we'll need/expect from your post. Your post will be formatted if you have specific instructions. We'll also post any images that are relevant to your post.

Once posted, your blog post link will be emailed to you if you'd like to share it. The post will also be shared on our social media accounts and to our email list.

If you have any further questions you can contact Nick or email nick@exprance.com.


Become A Guest Blogger

We are not currently accepting new guest blog posts.

We may not respond to your guest post inquiry if it does not fit our audience or the topics are not in line with what we need right now.