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Get an in-depth view of how to get more local customers to your business.

What your local SEO audit and report contains

Your local SEO audit and report contains a wealth of information. The local SEO report contains all the data you'll need to optimize your local business and get seen by more local customers.

Website Authority

See how your website links and authority compares to competitors.

See How You Compare

Links are still the primary factors that determine how your website ranks in search.

Search Rank

See where you show up for common local search terms in your industry.

How High Are You Ranked?

Learn where you appear in search results. The further down you are, the less you'll be discovered. 


See where your business is listed and how accurate your information is.

See If You're Listed

Your business must be listed on important directories and be listed 100% accurate.

Reviews & Ratings

Review your average rating among the most important review sites.

Be More Popular

Review sites provide important social proof for your business online. They're trusted and looked at by potential customers.

Google My Business

Learn your rank in Google Maps and in localized Google search results.

High Visibility

Google My Business listings often are the most prominent in Gsearch results. if you rank well then you can be at the top of the top.

On-Site Optimization

Check how well your website is optimized to rank in local searches.

Rank In Search

On-site optimization is important for search engines to rank your website high in search results.


Check if you're set up on social media and how popular your business is.

Popularity Content

Staying active on social media can give your business a better presence in your local community.

Ready to see how you can get more local customers?

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