As you may have read from our writing about Nextdoor, we're very well versed in Nextdoor for business. That's why we decided to offer this quick and easy service to help get your business set up on Nextdoor.

You aren't paying for the Nextdoor business page, that's free from Nextdoor. This is a service so you don't have to do the setup yourself. We aren't affiliated with Nextdoor, we've just worked with it a lot.

We'll create your complete Nextdoor business page under your Nextdoor account for you.

You must have already signed up for and verified your personal Nextdoor account.

For $20 We'll Set Up Your Nextdoor Business Page

Get Your Nextdoor Business Page Set Up

For $20 we'll set you up with everything your business needs for a complete Nextdoor business page.

We'll collect all the necessary information for us to set up your Nextdoor business page completely. You must already have signed up for and verified your personal Nextdoor account. Once your page is set up we'll let you know and email you the URL which you can share with your customers to ask for recommendations.

Business Information for Nextdoor

Most of this information will show on your Nextdoor business page.

(allowed formats: jpg, gif, png)
Greet visitors to your Nextdoor business page with something personable, friendly, that tells visitors what you do and/or what makes you special.
This is optional only if a license number is relevant to your business type.
Please include the day of the week and to/from hours. 24 hours is not a valid entry, there must be a to and from time and day of the week.

Nextdoor Profile Login

Please reset your Nextdoor password to a temporary password (change it back when we're done) and provide the login details below.

Billing Information

Price: $20.00
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