Nathan D. Leffler Environmental Fund

Responsive single page website.

Nathan D Leffler Environmental Fund Showcase

The Nathan D. Leffler Environmental Fund is a family fund that helps preserves the environment of Northern California.

Simple Navigation

The website was designed as a responsive single page website to be simple and brief. The entire website is brief which makes the single page a good solution.

Visitors can quickly scroll down the page to find important information with large, bold headings, and short paragraphs.


The imagery represents the goal of the fund and the ideals behind it. The goal is to preserve memories and the world for future generations. From the tree in the logo reaching for the sky to the images of Nathan D. Leffler, nature is at the center of this website.


The goal of this single page responsive website is to get visitors information quickly. Contact the fund is easy with a contact form with additional methods of contact.

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