Defining your brand in a professional way helps create a seamless view of your business. Brand guidelines define everything important so your business is consistent.

You can use your brand guidelines with freelancers, contractors, or internal employees to make sure everyone sticks to the plans.

We'll provide you with a PDF document of your brand guidelines so you can use them however you please. Your brand guidelines are created in a Google Document so you can easily edit them if needed or we're always available to make updates also.

We want to make sure your business is seen in a consistent way that helps you communicate your brand accurately and professionally.

Brand Guidelines

What We Define

  • Color

    We'll define your business colors to help keep your brand's visual story on point everywhere people see it.

  • Logo

    Your logo will be shown in various forms to show how it should be used on different backgrounds. We'll make sure the details of how it' should be used is easy to understand and see.

Exprance Brand Guidelines
  • Fonts

    Fonts are one of the most prominent and prevalent elements of your brand. That means they should be defined and consistent. We'll help you do that in all the different ways your brand fonts can be defined.

  • More

    We'll define any other other elements for your brand that are important to your business consistency. This could be buttons, images, or anything else that's important to brand consistency.

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