Part of your project will involve us discussing ongoing website care and maintenance for your WordPress website. If you have a premium website, you have to make sure it's maintained, secure, and fast. We help you manage all of that so you don't have to worry about a thing.

If you're not a client and don't plan on being one, don't fret. We offer standalone WordPress maintenance service for anybody who would like to purchase it separately. The big difference? You don't get licenses covered yearly and you get just a smidge fewer maintenance hours in premium.

What's in every client website care plan

Realtime 24/7 security
Offsite backups every day
Regular WordPress spam, revisions & database optimization
Core WordPress updates
Weekly theme & plugin updates
24/7 uptime monitoring
Analytics data reported weekly
Daily speed performance checks
All premium licenses maintained yearly
Weekly SEO keyword ranking check
Weekly report with everything done for your website

Our premium WordPress website care plan for our clients comes with 2 hours of work hours per month and a discounted rate beyond that.

What's inside your weekly report

Every Website Project Concludes With A Discussion About Ongoing Website Maintenance

You don't have to sign up for WordPress maintenance through us. In fact, you can do it yourself and we can show you how to do it. We just want you to be aware of the issues that may arise from not maintaining your WordPress website.

There are some features you will miss out on if you choose to do it yourself. That's because we can work on industries of scale to provide you a lot more, especially because you get all your premium licenses taken care of! That alone is priceless. Well, okay, maybe it's around $1,000/year.

The internet is a rapidly changing environment and your website is built on a dynamic platform with many moving parts. These moving parts make it easier to update, and extend your website but can become vulnerable to malicious activity if not taken care of properly. These vulnerabilities are regularly patched by a worldwide team of developers but they need to be applied and tested on your platform.

The patches created for your website are not and cannot be applied automatically effectively. That means your website will become vulnerable to malicious activity over time if you don’t maintain the application that runs your website. Not only that but it's essential that regular backups and security checks are made on your website.

I encourage you to consider one of these plans to make sure your website doesn’t become a tool used by hackers to harm others.

If you don't accept coverage for a website care plan, your website will slowly become out of date if you don't maintain it yourself. Without updates being made on a monthly basis, plugins will remain out-of-date and vulnerable to newly discovered bugs in the software.

Updates can also cause your website to break. If your website is automatically updated by your server then you risk your website breaking without even knowing.

Just as updating your smartphone on a regular basis is required, updating your website is the same concept.

Here are some of the things that can happen if your website is outdated:

  • Hackers can gain access to your website and modify all the content.
  • Hackers can hold your website hostage demanding a fee to return it to you.
  • All content on your website can be changed or destroyed.
  • Your website can be used to host a malicious page created to gain access to other people's accounts.
  • Your domain will get penalized by Google for a long time if your page is found with malware on it.

There are many bad things that can happen if your website is hacked. Not only can these bad things happen but your domain can be permanently damaged in search rankings. It may never recover and the domain name may have to be abandoned.

The website care plans are designed to maintain your website so it remains secure, fast, and functional. The Standard Plan is designed to keep your website secure and backed up. The Standard+ Plan is designed to also provide you with more support on your website so you can quickly receive support for issues you experience.

Before the final hand-off of your website to you, you'll have the option to continue your care plan beyond the first free month. It is an option, not required, but there are risks involved with not extending website care.

Because there are risks involved with not extending the website care plan, you are at least required to deny coverage and sign.

You can always add a website care plan after you've declined it. If you decide to add coverage at a later date, your website will be updated and tested at the time coverage begins and additional fees may be incurred for doing so.

If your website has already been hacked due to lack of coverage, there will be additional charges to recover your website before a website plan will begin. Depending on the extent of the destruction caused to your website, the cost to restore your website will vary.

Absolutely! But we have special plans just for our clients. We sell WordPress maintenance service through our sister company, WPmaintain.

There are a few additional things we'll need because we've never worked on your website before. That's all basic login information though so we can make sure your website is well taken care of.