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Small Business Mobile Marketing: Connect With Your Customers On The Go

Small Business Mobile Marketing: Connect with customers on the go

Your customers are unpredictable. Especially how they use the Internet to find companies online. Connecting with your customers who receive your online brand well relies on effective small business mobile marketing. Where does mobile marketing start for your business? Your website. That’s why having an awesome website that works well on customers smartphones is essential…

What To Look For In A Good Web Designer Before You Hire Them

Get a simple list of questions you can ask someone before you hire them to design your business website. You don’t want someone who is only a designer but you also don’t want someone who’s not up to speed on design. There’s a balance and these questions will help you get the best person for the job.

Website vs Mobile App: What Should Be Your Focus?

Website vs Mobile App: Where should you spend your money? Laptop sitting on a table with graph paper also.

It’s impossible to miss news that mobile devices are taking over traditional computers in both sales and usage. Everywhere you look there’s news about smartphone and mobile apps rapidly on the rise. The rise isn’t just on mobile apps though, which is why the question remains, website vs mobile app? It’s easy to see the…

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