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Images Are The Defining Factor Of Your Small Business Online

Small Business Images Define Your Brand Online

Your small business presence online relies on a strong online brand. Small business images help your brand stand out in a world that’s increasingly driven by visuals. If you’re not convinced, see the statistics in this post and you will see how important images are to your brand.

LinkedIn Profile Perfection Helps Grow Your Small Business Presence

LinkedIn Profile Perfection Helps Grow Your Small Business Presence

For many clients, LinkedIn will be the gateway to your small business online brand. Making sure you’ve set up your profile to meet LinkedIn profile perfection is an important part of your online brand because you represent your small business.

Use A Twitter Chat To Help You Connect To Likely Customers

Use a Twitter Chat To Help You Connect To Likely Customers

Meeting people is a great way to grow your business when you’re starting out. Think about all the ways to promote your small business when you’re just starting out. Most of them involve meeting people in one way or another. Twitter offers the opportunity to both meet your customers or meet people in your industry. They’re both…

What To Post On Your New Social Media Accounts When Starting Out

What To Post On Your Business' New Social Media Accounts When Starting Out

I’m sure like many you’ve experienced challenges starting your small business. Social media is another challenge if you haven’t done it before. The most common question is: what do you post on your business’ new social media accounts? You can’t set up your profile, start posting promotional messages about products or your business. You won’t see…

Is Social Media Critical To Small Businesses?

Is Social Media Critical To Small Businesses?

Starting and growing a small business is no easy task. Technology has made it easier in some ways, though, but in other ways more complex. How people find businesses and products has made social media critical to all small businesses. Whether your audience is consumers or another business, social media will help you make important connections.…

Build Brand Authority With Conversations

Build Brand Authority With Conversations

When starting your business, cash flow is one of the biggest problems. Luckily there are some free advertising ideas you can use to build brand authority and grow your business. I was fortunate enough to give one of 25 free advertising ideas in this article for small business professionals. The idea I provided was to build authority by…

Social Media Marketing In Minutes With Ease

Social media marketing in minutes, all with ease.

You can reach a lot of customers in the wide world of social media. The problem is they’re probably not looking for you. They’re also definitely not interested in detouring their social media activity to check out your sales pitch. Even with the challenge of attracting interest, social media marketing is a powerful tool to reach new…

Learn to Approach Social Media Effectively

Learn to approach social media effectively.

Social media is an extremely powerful way to communicate directly with your customers. The key is to approach it as a way to communicate, though, never to sell. Learning to approach social media effectively is necessary to find any value in it. I’m going to cover three things you can do to help your business benefit from…

The Perfect Social Media Post Infographic

The perfect social media post: the perfect combination of length, links, and hashtags.

This infographic makes it easy for you to form the perfect social media post for your small business. It will help you post the right content at the right length and using (or not using) the right number of hashtags.

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