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The Perfect Social Media Post Infographic

The perfect social media post: the perfect combination of length, links, and hashtags.

This infographic makes it easy for you to form the perfect social media post for your small business. It will help you post the right content at the right length and using (or not using) the right number of hashtags.

Chatbot, Anyone? Four User Experience Tips for Designing Your Best One

Chatbot, Anyone? Four User Experience Tips for Designing Your Best One

Customer service is more critical today than it has ever been. In the digital age, “experience” is the thing that your clients prize more than anything else. Customers frequently say that they would happily pay more for a better experience. Already, countless companies have begun to work on this demand for better interactions by designing…

Create Your Own Website as a Service With WordPress at Sacramento WordCamp

WaaS Website as a Service WordPress Multisite Sacramento WordCamp 2019

In less than a week, I’ll be in front of a crowd of WordPress enthusiast at WordCamp Sacramento 2019. I am a mix of more excited than I’ve been in a long time (or ever) with a touch of nervousness about speaking in front of a room full of people. I’ve fended off much of…

The Rise and Explosion Fitness E-commerce Market

The Rise and Explosion Fitness E-commerce Market

Learn how digital marketing has helped the fitness eCommerce market explode in the past few years. You’ll learn how the market has exploded and continue to grow.

9 Must-Have Free WordPress Plugins

Free WordPress Plugins

Every time I install a fresh copy of WordPress I’m starting with a clean slate. The install is fast, clean, and so much less cluttered before you install a bunch of plugins. Unfortunately it’s not possible to leave WordPress raw. Most necessary functionality comes from plugins and they’re a must. Some plugins are more important than…

3 Things Your Small Business Needs to Grow a Loyal Customer Base

Two People Shaking Hands

These 3 things will help you create a loyal customer base and grow your small business. Tech upgrades, a marketing strategy, and good communication are all essential parts to growing a small business.

How To Keep WordPress Secure Like A Fortress

Secure Your WordPress Website

Securing your WordPress website is the most important part of having a WordPress website. It not only will keep your customer data secure but it’ll keep your website from being hacked and used for malicious purposes. Having a secure WordPress from the start is the best way to stop attacks.

Use Nextdoor Offers To Promote Your Business Offer On Nextdoor

Use Nextdoor Offers To Promote Your Business Offers On Nextdoor

Learn all about Nextdoor Offers and how you can use them to promote your business on Nextdoor. You’ll understand the details of offers and how you can post the best deal possible to get a response from your neighbors.

The 5-Minute Guide to Google Responsive Ads

Responsive Search Ads

Learn about Google Responsive Ads in this short 5-minute guide. You’ll learn what they’re all about, how to use them, and how you can get started with Google Responsive Ads.

Are Ad Brokers The Answer For Small Advertisers On Nextdoor?

Are Nextdoor Ad Brokers Worth It?

Advertising on Nextdoor up to this point is only for companies with huge $5,000 per month ad budgets. Ad brokers have stepped in and promise to combine your budget with others to successfully get you into advertising on Nextdoor. Make sure you read this before handing out any hard earned money.

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