New eCommerce Store Launch + Management Case Study

This client came to me with their website already built in Divi but the launch wasn’t completed. The previous web designer in Roseville disappeared before it was complete. We put the finishing touches on the website and helped them launch their business. It was a huge success and they saw monthly growth PPC ads and email marketing.

Solutions Used

Google Ads | Remarketing | Website Maintenance | eCommerce with WooCommerce & Subscriptions | Fast Hosting | Email Marketing

Exprance manages the WordPress + WooCommerce online-only of a niche eCommerce store that sells food to owners of reptiles. We helped launch the small eCommerce store in September 2017 which immediately saw tremendous growth over their competitors.

We launched their online store successfully with over $11,000 in sales in the first full month. Sales rapidly grew from over $11,000 to over $21,000 per month with a solid month to month growth.

Exprance has helped the eCommerce store grow online with a solid technological foundation that has enabled their growth further. We currently manage their website care and Google Ads on a monthly basis.

We have also helped them implement the following store features successfully:

Wholesale Purchasing
Email Marketing
Email Integration
Packing Slip & Invoice System + Customizations
Site Migration
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How It Started

The original goal of this project was to get an eCommerce store ready for official launch for a new online-only eCommerce business. The eCommerce store was built already by a different developer who had since disappeared.

Part of what makes Exprance different is that we're dependable and always have a personal relationship with each one of our clients.

Project goals:

Set up an email marketing list and integrate it thoroughly with the website.
Setup packing slips & invoices that can be printed to fulfill each shipment with custom shipping instructions.
Provide monthly care and reporting for the website (including sales reports).
Migrate the website to more powerful (and recommended) hosting capable of handling the traffic.
Configure the logistics and applications for fulfillment and shipping.
Put the final touches on the website for final opening.
Publish the first newsletter to a pre-collected email list.
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Project Successes

Ads Growth

Since we began managing their Google Ads they've seen a steady return on ad spend (ROAS). It has grown from 3.3 to 6.37.

That means for every $1 they have spent, they're now getting back more than $6!

Revenue Streams

We added several revenue stream which has been successful at bringing in more revenue.

  • Wholesale orders bring in more revenue and larger average order values.
  • Email automations bring more shoppers back to abandoned carts and increase new customer retention.


Our regular monthly reports have provided the owners with valuable insights into how their traffic and income is doing each month.

With the data they receive they're not just able to see how their website is being well managed, but valuable insights into their sales.

Google Ads Successes

Ad Spend Increase


increased to


Revenue Increase


increased to



spent on ads

led to

revenue increase

Ad Spend Increased

  • 0%

Ad Revenue Increased

  • 0%
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Ongoing Results

We continue to grow the eCommerce store's Google Ads success each month. We've been providing them with exceptional service from the beginning and pushing the bounds of what we can achieve for their Google Ads profitability.

One thing that sets us apart from the competition is our responsiveness and availability. We're dependable and available when you need us and always with exceptional service.

From The Business Owner

I am not Tech savvy at all and Nick has been very patient and attentive 7days a week 24 hours a day. I'm pretty sure he does not sleep.

– Review from Jason C. (owner) on Upcity

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