At the center of every successful content marketing strategy is blogging. Not just any blogging will do though. For content to rank and bring the right audience it has to be on the right topic and high quality.

We can help plan and execute a successful blogging campaign for your business to help you reach your audience. Our strict quality control makes sure you get the best content for your business website.

From the planning process to writing content that fits your audience and business, we take care of it all for you. Our strategy has been proven all over the internet and you can see it in action on The Online Presence Blog.

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How Blogging Grows Business

Finding a business to solve your problem is a difficult task. How do you know who to trust? Before anybody hands over their money, there's a fair bit of research that happens. Blogging fits nicely into bringing these qualified leads who has a problem you can solve right to your doorstep.


Somebody has a problem and they start by researching that problem on a search engine.


Because you've written a helpful article on the topic of the searcher's problem, you've become known and more trusted.


With a genuinely helpful blog that's not merely a sales tool, you'll draw targetted leads to you. You can then use retargeting, lead magnets, and more to build trust with your leads.


As your new lead becomes more knowledgeable and prepared to solve their problem you'll be a natural partner to help them.

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