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Local Business Directory Management

Our state of the art application will help you keep accurate and consistent listings for your business to consumers in your area. That means more people are likely to find your business and contact you.

We'll take care of all the management of your local business listings on over 100 local business directories and remind you to update content regularly. Because duplicate business listings can negatively impact your business online, we will suppress duplicate listings to make sure the right listing gets the top spot it deserves.

If you ever need to make an update, just let us know and we'll make it happen. We'll even check in with you for any recommended updates and even holiday hour updates. You'll get priority support (within 24 hours) to make changes to your local business listing.

Directory listings need regular updates which is why we provide regular and inclusive reminders to provide us with updates all for one easy monthly prices. You'll get access to a management dashboard where you can make updates and check analytics yourself if you prefer.

We'll make sure each location of your business has accurate information. We'll also work with you to keep your business listing content fresh. You'll get ideas and reminders to post new pictures, promotions, new projects completed, etc.

37% of consumers won't consider a business with inaccurate information.

- The Why Before The Buy

Directory Management Puts You In Front Of Consumers

With Accurate Information

Real-Time Updates

Updates to your business listing happens in real-time. You won't have to wait around or guess if the update was saved or not. When we make an update for you (or if you make it yourself) it'll be instant.

Duplicate Suppression

Duplicate business listings is confusing for people who find your business. They're even more confusing to the computer systems you depend on to surface your business to consumers. How do they know which listing is correct? We'll suppress duplicate submissions so your customers will see the right information.

Easy Management

We'll make managing your business on directory websites easy. If you have an update just let us know and we'll make the change for you. We'll even give you access to your own dashboard where you can make updates and see analytics yourself.

Review Notification

When someone leaves you a review anywhere on any of your business listings we'll let you know. Our simple and consolidated management dashboard will tell you everything you need to know about your local business listings.


The local business directory dashboard gives you access to real-time analytics. You can check how your business is doing on each directory to make sure you're receiving the visibility you need to succeed in your local market.

Single Source

Your business listings will be locked with a single source providing all the correct information. Search engines rely on accurate business information on the internet. Our system ensures your business is always accurate and always complete.

Review Generation Icon

Review Generation*

Review generation makes it easy to get authentic reviews from your customers that you can add to your website. This is a powerful tool to help your website stand out on search engine results pages and rank higher in local search.

Review Publishing Icon

Review Publishing*

Reviews are held for review for up to 7 days. This gives you a chance to screen your reviews, publish immediately, or even respond to reviews before they get published.

Review Response*

Reviews are held for your screening for up to 7 days to give you a chance to screen them. That means you can craft a response to any negative reviews before they go live. That means you have a chance to turn a negative experience into a positive experience!

* Available in some plans if necessary.

Let Us Manage Your Business Listings

Save time and make sure your business listings are consistent and complete. Submit the following form and we'll get in touch to gather information we need to activate your account to start managing your local business directory listings.

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