Advertising can be an effective way of bringing in customers. Sometimes targeting the right people can be a challenge.

If someone visits your website then there's a good chance they're interested in doing business with you. The world is full of distractions though so they may leave your website before accomplishing whatever it is you want them to do.

Remarketing helps you target just those people who have visited your website. You can show ads to just the people who have visited your website (or even certain pages of your website).

That means you can bring them back to your website to finish their purchase or whatever else it is you want them to do. It's an effective way to put your ad dollars to more effective use. Between the Google and Facebook ad network you can reach people anywhere on the internet.

Remarketing Solution

How Retargeting Works

Website Visit

Somebody visits your website or a specific page on your website.


Visitors from your website see your business ads across a large ad network across social media and other websites.

When Retargeting Is Useful

Retargeting can be good for retargeting people who visited certain pages on your website. Whether you sell a service and have lots of free content or you have an eCommerce shop, retargeting can be an effective way of bringing people back to your website.

  • Completing a sale on eCommerce.
  • Target free blog content visitors.


Getting people to check your product out and complete the checkout process is difficult. Remarketing can help you get people to finish the checkout process.

Shopping cart abandonment rates on eCommerce shops are extremely high. Shopping cart abandonment averages about 69% for eCommerce shops. For whatever reason people add a product to their shopping car but never finish the purchase.

Remarketing lets you target people who added items to their cart but never checked out. You can give them a coupon for completing checkout or whatever works to nudge that final sale.

It's also common for visitors to look at certain products but then never add anything to their cart. You can retarget these users with special ads tailored to exactly what they were interested in.

This builds trust and gives you another chance to get them to add an item to their cart. You can offer a coupon or even free shipping, whatever it takes to bring someone back and complete a purchase.

Website Visitors

Free blog content is a useful way to bring people to your products or services. It's a good way to gauge interest in your products and services.

With a bit of retargeting, ads can be targeted to visitors of your website that are likely to be interested in whatever you sell. Whether you sell a product or service your blog content should correspond with what you sell in some way.

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