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The Future Of Social Media – Changing From Media To Social

The Future Of Social Media - Changing From Media To Social

The future of social media is changing and as a small business owner you need to make sure you’re adapting. The old ways of being all about media and no social won’t work. Wasting time on things that don’t work isn’t going to help you. Rather than quit doing what’s not working, read this to help you revise what you’re doing until you find what works.

10 Reasons You Should Build a Portfolio Website

Build a Portfolio Website

Investing time and money to build a portfolio website seems like a daunting task, it isn’t though. There are enough reasons out there why you should take the time and invest the money to build your portfolio website right the first time. Don’t get caught walking around the professional world naked, that’s what you’re doing when you don’t […]

Bring On The Connections!

City at night with a bridge connecting it

I see a lot of people writing about why they don’t accept unknown connections on LinkedIn. This is about why you should connect on LinkedIn with everyone. The only way these people claim they’ll connect with you is if you know them in real life, work with them, or talked with them on social media. Some limit […]

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