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Where Should I Build My Portfolio

Build a Portfolio

This is the last installment of my building your personal brand online series of posts. I started with determining whether to go with a brand page or a website. I then went into where the best place is to blog. Now it’s time to go into the best place to build your portfolio. Your portfolio […]

How To Build An eLearning Portfolio

How To Build An eLearning Portfolio

If you work in eLearning in any capacity, you’ll more than likely have something you can show off on an online portfolio. Before you even get your first job you should have a minimal portfolio and as you become more experienced, it should grow with you. I have worked in eLearning before as an Instructional Designer and […]

10 Reasons You Should Build a Portfolio Website

Build a Portfolio Website

Investing time and money to build a portfolio website seems like a daunting task, it isn’t though. There are enough reasons out there why you should take the time and invest the money to build your portfolio website right the first time. Don’t get caught walking around the professional world naked, that’s what you’re doing when you don’t […]

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