Learn About WordPress Security

9 Must-Have Free WordPress Plugins

Free WordPress Plugins

Every time I install a fresh copy of WordPress I start with a clean slate. The installation is fast, clean, and so much less cluttered before you install a bunch of plugins. Unfortunately it’s not possible to leave WordPress raw. Most necessary functionality comes from the amazing plugin ecosystem that WordPress offers over other website platforms, […]

How To Keep WordPress Secure Like A Fortress

Secure Your WordPress Website

Securing your WordPress website is the most important part of having a WordPress website. It not only will keep your customer data secure but it’ll keep your website from being hacked and used for malicious purposes. Having a secure WordPress from the start is the best way to stop attacks.

10 Overlooked Ways To Establish Trust With Your Audience

10 Overlooked Ways To Establish Trust With Your Audience

Trust is important to build online for every business. Learn 10 overlooked ways you can establish trust online with your audience. Without taking the steps to build trust with your audience it will be harder to get business. Learn to establish more trust.

Reflecting on WordCamp Sacramento

Reflecting on WordCamp Sacramento

Early last month I became aware of a great event happening in my backyard which I had previously not known about. Through chance, I had a conversation with the good people at Beaver Builder and saw them talking about WordCamp Sacramento happening the next day. It had already been sold out so I was sort […]

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