Cabinet Builder Custom Website & Local Presence

This client needed a way to show his work and help past and new clients find him online. The website makes it easy for people to look at his cabinet work and houses he’s helped renovated then contact him easily.

Solutions Used

Web Design | Fast Hosting | Website Maintenance | Directory Management

The local business is an established business which has relied primarily on referrals for over 40 years. Being that the market fluctuates a great deal, branching out where business comes from is necessary. This made growing the brand online a great option.

The owner of the business doesn't have a lot of time to manage anything complex, so a minimal maintenance online brand was necessary. In some cases, this limits the ability for brand growth but there are still many possibilities.

The client's journey all starts from an online review/directory service such as Yelp or Google Business.

Making Local Connections

The owner of this business works primarily on local sites around the Sacramento area. That means finding customers in the local area is the ideal approach.

Yelp is a popular website to find local contractors along with Angie's List and Google Business. The Yelp profile displayed was crafted to help grow referrals from these sites and bring them back to the website. The Google Business profile with the large map and cabana at the top shows up when someone searches for the specific business. It will show up on the right side of the search results and in Google Maps

A profile that is well crafted has helped grow referrals from these sites. Yelp and Google Business offer excellent statistics on business profile views, mapped directions to the site, and phone calls which make them great referral resources and tracking resources.

Cabinet Builder Yelp Profile
Cabinet Google Biz Result

Bringing The Experience Together

The brand culminates with a beautiful website to show off the craftsmanship and convert visitors. The website has many large pictures that show the details of the product.

The front page shows off some of the best work in an upscale Folsom home. The imagery tells the story of a custom lifestyle created for each customer.

To add to the beautiful imagery of the products, the copy is clear and has one goal, to help show the quality work and encourage conversion.

Each page on the site has a simple and clear call to action that helps clients schedule an appointment. The call to action changes depending on the device from a call button on mobile devices to a link on computers.

Custom Cabinets and Construction responsive business website.

Towards Final Conversion

The contact page is designed with ease of use in mind no matter what device the visitor is on. A map shows the location and allows easy directions from a mobile device.

Direct booking isn't embedded directly on this website but that choice was because the lack of time for managing it. Booking an appointment is something that can be used to make it easier for customers to schedule directly on the website.

Final Results

Their online presence continues to provide leads every month through the website and review sites. The online presence continues to bring in regular income.

The high ticket price means the initial investment has paid for itself many times. This is the opportunity a great online presence provides even without ongoing care.

Ongoing maintenance with search engine optimization provides another level of constant growth with links and content that will continue to grow the business beyond the initial investment.

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