Winery Logo & Wine Bottle Label

This project started out with a few photos from around the winery and a vision of what the client wanted. We were able to turn the imagery of the location into a wine bottle that represented the winery and paved the way for future branding and a flag that now flies in front of the winery.

The Winery logo and wine bottle label is a custom designed logo.

Its design came from a combination of our kick-off questionnaire which helps us get to know the background of each business. It's impossible to design a logo without fully understanding the history of the business and what it currently stands for.

Before any design is even thought of we're sure to get a thorough knowledge of the business. With an understanding of the business and what makes it unique, we also gathered pictures of the location.

The location of the Winery is an important part of what makes the winery special. The pictures inspired our designers to create a logo that's as unique and amazing as the winery itself.

We brought the winery to life in the logo because the logo is the most important part of an online presence. The logo forms the basis of people's first impression for a business, therefore, is extremely important.

Winery Valley Zinfandel Special Reserve

Winery Wine Bottle Label

The logo was designed in a black and white image first and upon approval was designed into a wine bottle label. Beautiful coloring and textures add to the dimension of the business and make for a unique contrast among other wine bottles.

Winery Wine Bottle Label

The Winery Logo

To get the logo just right and match the Tungsten Hill and the Sierra Nevada mountains, several rounds of revisions were provided. Multiple rounds of revisions are always necessary to make sure the logo is designed in a way that exceeds the original dream.

We deliver great value to businesses with a product that exceeds expectations. We don't aim to be the cheapest but our value far exceeds the cost.

Winery Valley Zinfandel Private Reserve B&W Logo

What We Started With

We started with a group of photographs which capture the overall scenery around the winery. The goal was to emphasize the Tungsten Hills in the foreground with the Sierra Nevada mountains in the background with snow-capped peaks.

There is beautiful scenery around Tungsten City and the dramatic contrast between the Tungsten Hills and Sierra Nevadas provides for jaw-dropping views.

With these pictures and a thorough understanding of the winery, we went to work designing a logo that represents the winery in a stunning way.

"We were looking for someone who would be able to help us bring our vision into a workable design. Our winery logo represents 40+ year of family life in Bishop, CA and Exprance was able to turn it into a reality with all the features we wanted incorporated. We couldn't be happier.

Exprance was able to compile several photos and written descriptions and turn it into a unique logo that truly represented our winery. The attention to detail was stellar and the final product delivered was amazing."

Our Logo Design Process


This is the time for us to learn about your business. We ask questions that will help us get to know what makes your business unique.

We also want to know why you wanted to get a logo so we know if it has a significant goal in your business plan. Your business is important to you and we want to get to know more about it.


With questions answered and a thorough understanding of the business, we'll hand it off to our designers. Before we do that we want to know what the business stands for and how they want to be perceived by their audience.

We work with only the best designers that can make a business come to life in a logo that only has a split second to create a first impression that lasts forever.


You're presented with 5 options after the designs are complete. Once you've chosen the 1 you like the most any minor revisions can be made until the logo exceeds your expectations.

You'll be given:

  • Five logo options to choose from.
  • Revisions until your expectations are exceeded.


You'll receive a vector in a PDF document that can be converted into any file type that works for you. The logo can be scaled up or down to any size and will work for print and digital media.

You can resize your logo from 1 pixel to 1 million pixels and save it in any popular format. If your logo is used for your website then it will be converted to a specific size in either JPG or PNG depending on how it fits into the overall design.

Ready to work together on your website design project?

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