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Create Your Own Website as a Service With WordPress at Sacramento WordCamp

WaaS Website as a Service WordPress Multisite Sacramento WordCamp 2019

In less than a week, I’ll be in front of a crowd of WordPress enthusiast at WordCamp Sacramento 2019. I am a mix of more excited than I’ve been in a long time (or ever) with a touch of nervousness about speaking in front of a room full of people. I’ve fended off much of […]

How To Keep WordPress Secure Like A Fortress

Secure Your WordPress Website

Securing your WordPress website is the most important part of having a WordPress website. It not only will keep your customer data secure but it’ll keep your website from being hacked and used for malicious purposes. Having a secure WordPress from the start is the best way to stop attacks.

Is Simply Installing A Plugin On Your WordPress Website Enough?

WordPress website plugin installation: is that all you need?

Installing a plugin on WordPress is more complex than most people think. Even developers often don’t understand the complexities of it. This post will help you understand what needs to go into installing a WordPress website plugin beyond installing and configuring it.

Always Disclose Affiliate Links And State Your Intentions

Always Disclose Affiliate Links And State Your Intentions

Your business relies on being the authority and being trustworthy. Your website plays a huge role in that so if you include affiliate links then you also need to disclose affiliate links properly. Learn the ways you can properly disclose them so you are trustworthy to your customers.

The Ultimate Guide To Better SEO With Your Title & Meta Description

Do Better SEO With An Amazing Title And Meta Description

The titles and meta descriptions on your website are the first steps to better SEO and more traffic for your business website. Learn why they’re both so important and how you can optimize them to get more traffic to your website.

How I Make A Robust eCommerce Website Setup For Your Store

How I Make A Robust eCommerce Website Setup For Your Shop

Learn how I create a robust eCommerce website setup that exceeds the needs of your customers. Visitors to your store are unpredictable and the last thing you want is your store to slow down or crash. This robust store setup ensures you’re ready to grow your store online.

Reflecting on WordCamp Sacramento

Reflecting on WordCamp Sacramento

Early last month I became aware of a great event happening in my backyard which I had previously not known about. Through chance, I had a conversation with the good people at Beaver Builder and saw them talking about WordCamp Sacramento happening the next day. It had already been sold out so I was sort […]

Livefyre vs Disqus: Which One Should You Use?

Livefyre vs Disqus, which comment plugin is the best?

There are options for comment systems on your WordPress website. I will compare two of the biggest in this Livefyre vs Disqus comparison and make a recommendation for which has proven the best. You’ll also find a good plugin that you can use to easily make comments faster in WordPress.

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