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When you’re first starting blogging there’s a lot of things to think about. It’s a bit overwhelming.

I asked for people’s advice on what they wish they’d known when they started blogging. I thought it would be helpful to put some of these pieces of advice together for community-sourced advice for new bloggers.

None of this advice is from me but I will provide a bit of a commentary.


First up is Brent Schlenker who provided this bit of sage advice:

The sooner you start the more you can reflect on what you’re doing, then you can refer to it later down the road. I had to think about the turn off comments a bit as that’s one of my favorite parts of my blog, but for a new blogger, I can see how this is wonderful advice. When you’re just starting, it’s nice to just worry about what you’re writing for you and not for trying to spark a discussion. Turning off comments is the perfect way to do this and just concentrate on the content for you. You can find Brent blogging over at Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development.


Melissa Milloway had quite a few great suggestions for new bloggers. Here are her three pieces of advice for new bloggers:


Multimedia is a great way to explain something that lends itself to that sort of delivery. I love that suggestion because it’s always a challenge to spend the time to think about the best way to deliver a piece of content. Clear images are definitely important, I’d recommend taking a few minutes and reading this article about working with bitmap and vector images. It has been proven again and again that people love lists so no doubt this is great advice. I might add that lists are great but don’t overuse them, meaning maybe don’t make every blog post a list :)


Taruna Goel has suggested one of the pieces that I think makes the most successful blogger. Whether or not you do it using draft posts or not is up to you, but the moral is to always write your ideas down and keep working on them.



Wise advice from Bruno Winck:

Start writing and don’t stop until you’re satisfied, you’ll find that you get into a flow that is hard to stop once you get going.


JD Dillon has some great advice for working together with others, sometimes this can create your best work.



As Cendrine Marrouat points out, a plan is important to have because without it then you don’t know what your purpose is or who your audience is:


Help Someone Blog

It’s always nice to give advice to new bloggers because if you can remember starting out, it can be tough at times.

If you have additional advice I’d love to hear it, leave your comments below and help a new blogger make their way in the confusing world of blogging.

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