Create Awesome Blog Posts: Three Steps You Should Never Miss

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Writing a good blog post is never easy. There are so many topics to choose from. Staying on topic is also a challenge.

You want to go with what sounds interesting now and not what fits your overall blog, right?

These three things will help you create awesome blog posts by looking at the bigger picture of your blog and each post:

  • Staying on topic.
  • Focusing on each topic.
  • Staying with your goal.

If you’re ready to take your blog posts up a notch make sure you don’t miss any of these three steps. The steps will guide you in creating awesome blog posts that fit with your overall blog theme and captivate your readers, bringing them closer to your blog’s goal.

Schedule In Advance

Scheduling your blog posts in advance helps you create awesome blog posts. There are several reasons it will improve your blog and your blog posts.

Your blog posts will be more coherent from one post to another. That’s because you’ll have a window into the future of your blog.

Scheduling blog posts gives your blog the coherency it needs to grow. Share on X

Scheduling in advance will help you see the bigger picture of your blog. I look at my blog schedule before I write any post to see what I’ve done in the past and what’s coming. That way I can rearrange my posts if necessary to provide the most effective reading experience.

There are many tools you can use to schedule posts in advance. Even a paper calendar is better than nothing. I keep a running queue of blog posts as drafts and as needed I drop them into my calendar to see how everything fits the next few weeks. If I see a pattern or related posts, I’ll put them together so there’s a flow.

Not only will scheduling in advance help you create awesome blog posts, it’ll keep you on schedule. My blogging schedule has helped me blog regularly and miss few days. Scheduling also helps me stay motivated even during holidays when it’s tempting to relax and take a day off.

You have to know a general topic of the blog post if you’re going to schedule which is why a working title is so important.

Write A Working Title

A blog post isn’t written in cement. That’s great because they go through so many iterations and typed words are so easy to move around and change.

That also goes for the title, arguably the most important part of your blog post. The title is what catches viewers attention. It’s what people read when they decide if they’re going to click or not.

Before you start doing anything, write a working title. It will change, as with your post it’s not written in cement. Your title will help you stay on track and give you direction while writing.

Your working title can even evolve as you write. At this point in writing this article, my working title has gone through at least 4 different revisions and is likely to go through at least a few more.

Even after you publish your blog post, you’re not stuck with the title. You can make revisions and tweak it to better fit what people react to. It’s even possible to try different titles and see what does better.

An awesome title is necessary to create awesome blog posts. Though that’s true, people will read your blog post so good content is necessary.


Your content isn’t much use if nobody reads it or it’s not capturing visitors attention. That’s why proofreading your writing before hitting the publish button is so important.

Proofread your blog post not only for the typical spelling and grammar but also for flow. Does the post make sense and the topic flow as a reader?

Proofread to make sure the goal of your blog post is clear and it is helping your visitors. Share on X

The flow is important but also that your post has a point. Is the content leading up to something? Is it useful to the reader but also helping you bring people towards your goal?

You can’t create awesome blog posts without an idea of how you want it to help your readers and you. Proofreading will help you objectively read your material to make sure it’s awesome.

You’ve proofread and made sure everything’s just right, just one thing left for your awesome blog post.

Push Publish

Once you’ve done all three things in this post, you’re ready to hit the publish button. You’ll be publishing awesome blog posts because you took the time to put it all together.

If you’re pushing publish anywhere but your website (Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, etc.), it’s time to evaluate how that affects your blog and how you could achieve better results on your website. Starting a small business blog on your website helps build your own audience and not rely on other’s audience all the time. Not only that but it helps your website rank better in search engines.

A lot goes into creating awesome blog posts. If you’re not confident your small business is growing from your blog the way it should, you have options. I can create a personalized Online Presence Report for your small business. I’ll even give you free 30-minute consultation to talk about your goals and direction. You’ll receive tips you can use immediately and they’ll help you grow your brand online.

If you’ve done everything and you’re ready to push publish, it’s time to do it.

Push publish.

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