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Meet Expectations, Create An Always On Brand Presence

Always be on with your brand presence.

Most of us realize that people live in a fast paced world and expectations are high for quick access to everything. The information we’re looking for is always available at our fingertips and we expect it to be. At home we have a smartphone in hand and a laptop within a few steps. Out and about […]

Growing Your Business With Online Brand Design

Learn to Grow Your Business Online

Your business should be online because that’s where a lot of your customers are. Online brand design will help you create an online presence that reaches your customer and helps grow your small business.

Be An Instant Hit, Make A Recognizable Brand Online

Be An Instant Hit, Make A Recognizable Brand Online

Have you ever paused and thought about what makes a recognizable brand? Think about what you remember about some of the brands you run across, but not the billion dollar companies with massive marketing budgets. What are some of the small companies you’ve run across that still had a memorable brand? Without a recognizable brand, […]

Celebrating One Year of Helping People Build Their Personal Brand


It has been over one year since my first post on this website helping people build their personal brand. The course I created for Udemy has changed names many times and I did a lot of work on it. I even put a modified version of it up on Skillshare which has become a better […]

Where Should I Build My Personal Brand?

Where Should I Build My Personal Brand?

Building your online brand  is easier now than it’s ever been before. There are not only a myriad of social media sites out there which help you network in real-time to people all over the world but also many sites where you can publish content. There’s even some bleed-over now between social media and content […]

Personal Brand Website Examples For The Rest of Us

Unique Fingerprint: Find Personal Brand Website Examples For The Rest of Us

It’s easy to find great personal brand website examples on the Internet. A quick search turns of several roundups of examples. Unfortunately many of those examples that turn up are from professional webs designers or graphic designers. Many of these examples aren’t practical for most though, especially when the website isn’t the main focus. Many times […]

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