Personal Brand Website Examples For The Rest of Us

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It’s easy to find great personal brand website examples on the Internet. A quick search turns of several roundups of examples. Unfortunately many of those examples that turn up are from professional webs designers or graphic designers.

Many of these examples aren’t practical for most though, especially when the website isn’t the main focus. Many times it’s necessary to have a nice looking website that showcases other projects we’ve created. In my industry that’s often eLearning projects, or the blog itself. If graphic design or web design is your industry, then you’re going to have a much nicer website than most.

I’ve curated some great personal brand website examples for the rest of us. Focus on what’s important to you, just make sure your website looks good which is easy to do with a well picked out WordPress theme.

Practical Personal Brand Website Examples

I’ve collected some personal brand website examples that look great but that were developed by people who aren’t professional web designers or graphic designers (although some are admittedly good at it). They are still very well done and beautiful though because many do have design backgrounds of some sort.

Most important, they’ve effectively built their personal brand online and given them a place to showcase their work and writing. This isn’t a best of or an exhaustive list even, it’s meant to give some examples of different ways to use your personal brand website.

The most important part of your personal brand website is getting it out there and not let it sit. Create it, write blog posts, keep it updated and it’ll give you something to how to potential employers.

Mel's Learning Lab

Mel’s Learning Lab — Mel Milloway

Mel’s website is a great example of a place she’s used to show her work and write about her interests. Mel has a great website to show potential employers or stay up-to-date in her work. Any way she chooses to use her website, it’s going to help her career.

Mel uses her to write about her industry, show portfolio examples she’s created, and even put up for download some of the templates she’s created.

JD's Just Curious Blog

JD’s Just Curious Blog — JD Dillon

I like this example because the content isn’t all visual based (although it is represented well with visuals). Not all personal brand websites must show visual work. Sometimes your brand is better represented by writing on a blog such as this one.

Each post is still represented well with visuals though, so it breaks up the content a bit. The purpose of having a personal brand website will decide how it looks and the type of content you put on it. If leadership is your skill, your personal brand website will revolve around your blog.

Harold Jarche

Harold’s website reflects his work and his thinking. It’s not a visually complex website but it’s purpose isn’t visual. His website is text complex though, there is a lot of deep thinking and you can follow it well on his blog.

The primary focus on this personal brand website is Harold’s blog, and the expertise he has in Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). He’s turned that vast knowledge into a course that he regularly teaches and to promote his consulting and speaking.

Harold worked with a local (to him) website designer (Tantramar Interactive Inc.) who was able to put the focus of his website on what’s most important to his work so he could focus on that.


Nick Leffler’s Portfolio & Learning Insights — Nick Leffler

This is my website that I created to show the work I’ve done and write my thoughts in my field. It’s given me something to show on interviews and share on my resume along with my LinkedIn profile.

It’s helped me a great deal and while it’s not the most complex or visually beautiful website on the Internet, it serves its purpose well.

Sum It Up

The purpose of writing this post was to give some personal brand website examples that show it’s not necessary to set up the most beautiful website on the web, as long as it looks good and serve the purpose well. Keep your purpose in focus and create your website around that purpose

There are so many beautiful themes out there for WordPress that make it easy to create a beautiful WordPress website. If you’re not sure where to start to create your own personal brand website, blog, or portfolio, I have developed a course that will help you set it all up and make something beautiful.

Each personal brand website will focus on a different aspect, so each one will be as unique as the person it represents. If you’re an eLearning developer, graphic designer, or web site designer your website will probably revolve around the portfolio. If your purpose is around leadership or thought, your website will revolve around the blog.

I’d love to help you get started setting up your website similar to the ones above. They’re all great examples of exactly what you need to do with a personal brand website: showing the world who you are in an authentic way.

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