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What To Expect With A Free DIY Business Website

What To Expect With A Free DIY Business Website

Understanding the free DIY business website option for your small business online presence will help you make a good decision. There are many things to consider and this article will help you understand them all. It may be the only option for you but understand the drawbacks and what else is available out there.

The Biggest Job Hunting Mistake You Can Make And How To Avoid It

The Biggest Job Hunting Mistake You Can Make And How To Avoid It

The marketplace for jobs is getting better everyday for employees, every day slightly easier to find openings. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to find a new job, though. You don’t want to make the most common job hunting mistake either. Even in the most stable job markets, looking for a job is unpredictable and keeping […]

How To Make Your Dream Job Seek You Out

Make your dream job seek you out

Even in the best of times, there’s a lot of competition for your dream job. There are other job seekers to compete with and a grueling interview process. By following suggestions here, you’ll be positioning yourself as a premium candidate that will have your dream job seeking you out. The first place to start if you want […]

Why I Do What I Do

Why I Do What I Do: Making Business Goals and Meeting Business Goals

Every business needs a why behind it. Why it was started, why it’s still here, and why it should exist 10 years from now. I wanted to share the why and more behind my business. Exprance started out after I built a course to help people build their personal brand website, portfolio, and blog. I created this website […]

What To Look For In A Good Web Designer Before You Hire Them

Get a simple list of questions you can ask someone before you hire them to design your business website. You don’t want someone who is only a designer but you also don’t want someone who’s not up to speed on design. There’s a balance and these questions will help you get the best person for the job.

Celebrating One Year of Helping People Build Their Personal Brand


It has been over one year since my first post on this website helping people build their personal brand. The course I created for Udemy has changed names many times and I did a lot of work on it. I even put a modified version of it up on Skillshare which has become a better […]

Where Should I Build My Personal Brand?

Where Should I Build My Personal Brand?

Building your online brand  is easier now than it’s ever been before. There are not only a myriad of social media sites out there which help you network in real-time to people all over the world but also many sites where you can publish content. There’s even some bleed-over now between social media and content […]

Personal Brand Website Examples For The Rest of Us

Unique Fingerprint: Find Personal Brand Website Examples For The Rest of Us

It’s easy to find great personal brand website examples on the Internet. A quick search turns of several roundups of examples. Unfortunately many of those examples that turn up are from professional webs designers or graphic designers. Many of these examples aren’t practical for most though, especially when the website isn’t the main focus. Many times […]

Always Maintain Personal Brand Consistency

Build Your Personal Brand Website

Putting your finger on exactly what a personal brand is isn’t the easiest thing to do. While the brand of an organization is a complex web of people, it’s still not as complex as people. Think of all the different skills that go into making you successful at your job. There’s a common theme I speak […]

Build Your Personal Brand Website

Build Your Personal Brand Website

This is my first post on the website I’ve created to help people promote their personal brand using a website. There are many great ways you can promote your personal brand including LinkedIn, Facebook, Behance, Twitter, Pinterest and lots of other social media sites. These are great websites but they don’t give you full control […]

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