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This is my first post on the website I’ve created to help people promote their personal brand using a website.

There are many great ways you can promote your personal brand including LinkedIn, Facebook, Behance, Twitter, Pinterest and lots of other social media sites. These are great websites but they don’t give you full control over your image and they can be a bit overwhelming to visitors at times.

Social media has a lot of distractions while your website can be clean and clear of distractions. You own your personal brand and every aspect of it on your website choosing what goes into it and how it’s presented.

I’ve been fine tuning my personal brand on Technkl for the past five years and wanted to share my story of how it’s helped me and encourage others to do the same.

I recently got the idea to create a course on Udemy to share the process of setting up a personal brand website from beginning to end using WordPress.

I recorded the process from beginning to end creating this website and also using others sites as examples of what you can do to promote your personal brand with a website.

I’m looking forward to the feedback I get on the course and how I can improve the process of getting you up and running with your own personal brand website to help complete your brand across the Internet.

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