Is Having a Good Small Business Logo Important?

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Have you ever thought about how you recognize a brand? You probably don’t think about the logo but rather a product or service that you’re recalling.

Your memory might not be painting an accurate picture for you, though. A logo is often the most recognizable part of a brand. It can be found in marketing materials, website, business cards, and more. There’s an immediate connection that occurs when you see a logo from a company you recognize.

It seems like people don’t think much about a logo. It’s a small and simple graphic that doesn’t seem to be that important. That’s a dangerous gut feeling, though because important things sometimes come in small packages.

Your small business logo is one of those things. A good logo can make or break your brand in customers minds. So, it’s important to take a look at what makes a good brand and put that together with your logo to see how it all relates.

What Makes A Good Brand

There are some important traits of a good brand and they are all reflected in the logo. That’s why looking at what makes a good brand also helps clarify why a small business logo is so important.

There are two important parts of good web design that ties together your brand. One is a great logo that communicates what your business about and the other is powerful images that look amazing.

A brand should be recognizable, unique, consistent, simple, and clear. Achieving all these things isn’t easy because of course making something simpler is a lot more difficult than making it complex.

This saying is accurate defining how difficult simple is:

If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter.


When someone encounters your brand, is it instantly recognizable as recognizable? Is it memorable?

A good brand is unique and memorable by the logo alone. Ideally, both the name and logo are recognizable because, with a unique name and recognizable logo, the benefits of brand recognition are twofold.

A good brand is instantly recognizable. A good small business logo helps make the brand recognizable.


In addition to a good brand being recognizable, it also needs to be unique. That means a generic logo that blends in or doesn’t stand out among other brands isn’t going to help you.

If someone knows you personally, a non-unique brand will work. In most cases, you can’t have a personal relationship with all customers, though. Your goal is to create the illusion of a personal relationship with your first impression. Showing your brand personality is important in how you communicate your brand.

That’s not easy to do.

Having a unique brand is one way to encourage a memorable relationship with customers. A unique small business logo frequently represents your brand everywhere making it vital to creating your unique brand.


Familiarity and memorability of a brand come from consistency. A brand needs to be consistent across all mediums both online and offline. Writing, font types, colors, and more need to be consistent.

What also needs to be consistent? The logo.

Trust of a brand is built off of consistency of quality and service. Connecting quality and service to something like a logo that is quickly recognizable and uniquely helps strengthen a brand.

A small business logo that is consistent across all mediums helps build a strong brand by connecting feelings and experiences with something more tangible, a logo.


Does your brand make people think “what the heck?”

Hopefully not but if it goes beyond simple, you may get that reaction. You may get a “what the heck?” or possibly worse, no reaction at all.

Or your brand could be simple but in the wrong way. It could blend in making it unrecognizable from other logos. Or, it could fail to be unique.

There’s a balance between simple, unique, and recognizable. Striking the balance between all three takes expertise and time. It takes a deep understanding of the brand and the purpose it’s trying to convey.

A brand should be so simple it doesn’t require a second thought. Simplicity doesn’t mean basic, though. Simplicity means that a person doesn’t need to think to understand what you’re about. Either the name or a logo should immediately communicate what you’re about.

It’s hard to relate to your customers if your brand and logo communicate what you like rather than what you do. Having a brand that you like is important but it should be far from the only factor in creating your brand.

A simple brand starts with a simple small business logo. A logo is at the center of defining a brand and what it’s all about. A strong logo leads to a strong brand.


A simple and clear brand are both important. As I mentioned above, a brand should make it clear immediately what it’s all about. That’s either in the name or in the visual part of a logo.

Unless you have a universally recognizable brand, what your company does needs to be understood immediately and clearly. A person should immediately know what it is you do and what you’re all about.

If someone has to think about what it is your brand is about, you’ve introduced a barrier to its memorability. A clear brand starts with a clear small business logo.

Defining your business with an awesomely clear logo will help your customers make that emotional connection with your brand. Your logo will communicate a feeling of calm and clarity with what it is your customer will experience. They’ll trust you.

Defining Your Small Business Brand

Many pieces come together to create the overall brand of your small business. At the center of how you communicate your brand is your small business logo.

Without starting with a powerful logo that meets all the criteria above, you risk creating a brand that doesn’t connect with your customer. Your logo helps communicate everything your brand stands for instantly and clearly.

So, is having a good small business logo important? Absolutely.

Not taking the logo creation process seriously and properly investing in it is a sure way to have your small business also not taken seriously.

Your logo is at the center of defining your brand, your website is the center of the action. Share on X

Your small business logo is at the center of defining your brand while your small business website is the center of activity for driving business to your company online.

Whether you’re building your small business right now or aiming for a rebrand soon, your small business logo should be at the center of your public brand.

Singling Out The Logo

Because a professional logo is so intertwined with your brand and business you’ll want to ask if a cheap logo is the way to go or not. A powerful website that converts visitors into customers takes many moving parts, a logo is one.

Singling out a logo and expecting it to stand alone outside of a business card, website, store sign, or anything else isn’t easy. The goal of a logo is to create something that can stand on its own to communicate your brand with those who see it.

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