Is It Time To Consider A Small Business Rebrand?

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Has it ever seemed like your business isn’t moving ahead as fast as you’d like it to? Or growth seem a bit stale?

It’s common for that feeling to creep into your mind once in a while. But how do you know if it’s a passing feeling, something bigger at play, or something a fresh look and feel for your business could fix?

A small business rebrand could have a larger positive effect on your business. Your brand is the center of creating brand awareness, and people won’t do business with someone they don’t trust.

Know When It’s Time

If you’re asking whether it’s time for a small business rebrand or not, that’s a good indicator you should be thinking seriously about rebranding. It doesn’t mean you should absolutely rebrand, though. There’s more to knowing if it’s time than a feeling or want.

You may see many signs you need a rebrand, but each sign probably needs a different action taken. A rebrand is complex and can consist of a partial rebrand or a full rebrand. Your business may need a complete overhaul which could go as far as a new name, that’s a big undertaking!

There are a few signs that even your gut can tell you a rebrand is necessary:

  • It’s been a long time since you established your brand.
  • Your current brand is dated.
  • Your logo was created hastily, cheaply, or you’re not happy with it.

If you aren’t really sure, don’t hesitate to ask some of your customers or even somebody not familiar with your business. Show them part of your brand such as your logo or website and ask if it is recognizable or matches your business.

Ask The Important Questions

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There are questions you can ask yourself to help decide if a rebranding is necessary. This may be a good first step even if you go a bit further and ask others for their input.

  • How long has it been since a rebrand?
  • Was your last rebrand significant or minor?
  • Has your brand been changing over time or has it been static for years or decades?
  • What is your current brand not communicating?

If your answers seem to lead to a rebrand, you might need to go a bit further in determining if a rebrand is right for you. These questions will further narrow if you want to consider a small business rebrand, and if it’s a possibility.

To what extent do you need to rebrand, do you think you need any or all of these?

  • New logo.
  • New color palette.
  • New website.
  • New marketing material.

If you only see a few things from the list you need, then a partial rebrand is probably all you need. The more items you need, the closer you are to needing a full rebrand.

There’s one thing that will push you over the edge of needing a new brand, though.

A new business name.

Sometimes your business outgrows its current name and there’s no option but to rebrand it in some way. A name rebrand usually means a complete overhaul, which demands time and more.

You may be able to get by with a partial rebrand, but other times a complete rebrand is the only way to go.

Thinking Smaller

Little frog: think small, grow big.

Most small business rebrands will be a partial rebrand, so it’s important to find what will have the biggest impact. A fresh online presence will often give your business the boost it needs because most customers will find you online first.

Receive your free consultation to find out if a rebrand could help your small business grow.

Even if your business is primarily a physical place, your online presence is important to bring people to that location.

The Cost

Both a full and partial small business rebrand can come with many costs. It’s important to put together a budget for your rebrand including foreseeing to the best of your ability the costs involved.

Rebranding is a cost, but if done right, it can also have a major return on investment (ROI). Customers expect a great experience when dealing with businesses, and your brand is a large piece of that experience.

There is some good news, though.

It’s not necessary to rebrand all at once. There could be some big expenses if you try to do too much too fast. These are a few of the costs you’ll see, but every business will vary.

  • Signage for a brick-and-mortar.
  • Printed materials (business cards, marketing materials, letterheads, etc.)
  • New logo design and new website.
  • New marketing materials.

 Think It Through

There’s a lot for you to think about now. Take your time when dealing with a small business rebrand, there’s a lot of questions that need to be answered.

Asking questions and getting to the bottom of the rebrand will help you get through the process easier. With some planning and a bit of luck, your small business rebranding project will go smoothly and your customers will appreciate it. Customers want to know you’re always bringing your A-game.

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