7 Key Elements To Include In Your Amazon Product Listing

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Amazon is a great resource to use for selling any product your business has to offer. Millions of people use Amazon each day to shop for a variety of items from books to beauty products, kitchenware to clothing, and everything in between. It’s easy to use as a consumer and it’s also easy to use as a seller.

While the concept of posting a listing seems simple, there’s an art form to generate the most sales. Here are 7 key elements that you’ll want to include in your Amazon product listing.

1) An Informative Product Title

Amazon Product Listing Titles

The product title is the single most important element to adding a product on Amazon. You have a 250 character limit for the majority of categories and you should use all 250 characters.

Much like Google and other search engines, Amazon has algorithms for what people search for. Like other SEO techniques, you want to use target keywords that will help people find your product when they search for those keywords. It’s also extremely important to include information that people would find helpful like the size of the product, the quantity, the material, and anything else noteworthy.

2) Pictures Can Be Powerful

Amazon Listing Product Picture

Amazon allows you to have a total of nine images for a single product and it’s important that you use each image slot. Images are extremely important in the world of online marketing, the images you provide will be the first impression people will have of your product.

There are a variety of techniques you can use to achieve an effective and enticing photo, ranging from shooting the product in your bathtub to get a crisp white background to investing money into a professional photographer. Be sure to take pictures from all sides and angles so that people know what they’re getting when they buy from you.

3) Highlighting Key Product Features

Amazon Listing Product Features

Getting a couple of key features into your product title is important but you can’t fit all of your key features into the title. Luckily, you have a whole section to provide a lot of bullet points that highlight product features.

The official character limit for key features is 1000 characters and it’s suggested that you have at least 5 bullet points. For these key features, you want to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and answer any questions they may have.

4) Diving into Your Product Description

It’s in this section that you have 2000 characters to really dig in and describe what your product has to offer. Here is where you really want to describe what it does, how it works, and why it’s the best choice on the market. Again, you want to use up all of the characters available. The product description is also where you have a chance to talk about what makes your online brand better than the competition.

Use all the characters you can of the Amazon product listings description. Share on X

A few suggestions to get the best results include to keep sentences short, lead with benefits and useful features, strive to make the customer feel like they need your product, and include target keywords.

5) Results That Provide Confidence and Trust

Amazon Product Reviews

One of the most important aspects of drawing people to view your product is product reviews. Reviews not only hold value in Amazon’s algorithm but they also provide social proof to people that your product actually works. You want to provide a fantastic customer experience to make sure your listing is constantly getting good reviews.

Using the same techniques you would use in social media marketing and digital marketing, you can give your customers information on when their product is being delivered as well as request to receive feedback from them.

6) All Keywords, All the Time

Amazon Product Keywords

Every chance you get, you want to include your target phrases into the title, description and bullet points (without overdoing it of course). They’re important in every aspect of growth for your product listing. You utilize keywords with web design as well as other forms of eCommerce, Amazon listings are no different. Your keywords should be thoughtful and catered specifically to your niche audience but should be placed throughout the product title, features, and description.

7) Ratings Get You Everywhere

Amazon Product Customer Ratings/Reviews

Ratings go hand-in-hand with reviews but are slightly more important. They’re the exact star rating for each individual review. Reviews are just the sheer number.

Not everyone will read a review but everyone will take into consideration how many stars a product has. If you find your product with a majority of 4 to 5 ratings then you’re good but you have to do some work if you want to improve any rating less than that. Gather customer feedback, look for patterns in reviews to see if you can improve the product, and try to accumulate more rating to balance out the bad ones.

The Bottom Line

Having an Amazon listing is more than just posting a simple product title and price. You have to be thoughtful about it like you need to be thoughtful with every other part of your online presence.

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