eCommerce Optimization Helps You Reach New Customers Online

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Just as you optimize your website for search and social sharing, eCommerce optimization is important for your online store.

Many of the tools useful for optimizing your website are also good for eCommerce optimization. That means you can use these 5 search optimization tools for eCommerce also.

While there are some similarities between optimizing for a website and a store, there are parts requiring extra attention in the world of eCommerce. You’re dealing with something quite different in eCommerce for search and people might share a product for different reasons than a blog article.

Every product and every product list page is an opportunity to get customers to your store from organic search results. Each one is also an opportunity to convert visitors into customers.

To make sure you’re optimizing properly for products in your eCommerce store, you first have to start with the basics. This will make sure you have the groundwork to get more specific with your eCommerce optimization.

The Basics

If you’re already optimizing your product and category with the basic search optimization pieces, you can move to the next section. If not, these are the parts you should start with to make sure you’re meeting minimum requirements for search engines.

By paying close attention to these items you’ll meet the basics of search optimization and it’ll also help you increase website conversions for your eCommerce products. Here are the basics you’ll want to cover first:

  • Good descriptive title.
  • Helpful meta description.
  • Full and helpful short description.
  • Full description with all the details about products.
  • Pictures labeled with helpful alt tags.

Covering each one of these on your product pages and category pages will help you rank for useful search terms your customers are using. The next section will help your products stand out when shared on social media.

Featured Image

eCommerce optimization means your product is not only ready for search engines but social media also. A product featured image is used when people share your products on social media.

Product from the Macy's online store shared in Facebook comments.
This is how a Macy’s product shows up when shared in Facebook comments.

Facebook and Google+ will use the featured image and other optimization info to create a more visually appealing social post. Twitter will use the featured image to create a website card that’s visible when people are browsing your Twitter feed.

When a customer shares one of your product pages on social media, you want it to show up in a way that’s enticing to other potential customers. A featured image in addition to other basic search engine optimization techniques will ensure your product the best visibility.

Like every page on your website is an opportunity to convert a visitor into a customer, every product page is also an opportunity.

Optimize Products

Every page on your eCommerce store is a new opportunity for you to convert a visitor to a customer. That means an obvious call to action is required. A visitor shouldn’t have to hunt to accomplish the goal of the page.

A simple test you can do will help you decide if your product call to action (usually an add to cart or buy button) is easily visible:

Squint your eyes a bit to see if the call to action obviously stands out on the page. If it does, you’re on the right path to make sure visitors have an easy time on your product page.

Every product, category, and tag page is an opportunity to bring visitors to your website. Share on X

Every product in your store is an opportunity to bring a visitor into your store. Not only that but each category or tag is also another opportunity to bring visitors to your website. Make sure you’re optimizing every product page, category page, and tag page.

The last piece to eCommerce optimization are a few tools you can use to make your life easier optimizing your store for search engines if you’re using WordPress + WooCommerce.

eCommerce SEO

You make sure your web site is optimized for search engines and social media, but what about your store too?

A simple search engine optimization tool like Yoast SEO will cover you for your website and the basics for your product pages. It won’t help much with your store, though.

If you’re using the WooCommerce platform for eCommerce, eCommerce optimization is fairly easy by adding Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin to Yoast SEO. With this plugin you’ll have an easier time optimizing your store for search and social.

Grow Store Presence

A few simple eCommerce optimization tasks will makes it easier for your store to look professional and grow online. When people share your products you don’t want to waste that opportunity to reach new customers.

Creating a store that is efficient and simple for customers will help customers buy from you.

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