Learn Email Marketing From The Beatles – 10 Tips & Lessons [Infographic]

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I receive many emails from many people promoting their most recent content. It ranges from complete junk to okay at best. I’m not claiming to be the master of content creation but much of this is on a whole different level.

This email marketing tips from the Beatles infographic was sent to me last month and it’s the first thing that’s stood out as both useful AND unique. The infographic is genuinely well done and put together in a creative way.

I wanted to share it with you.

There are some great tips in here about how you can learn email marketing and it’s all tied together with the Beatles. Whether you love the Beatles or hate them (who hates them?) the infographic is useful.

I’m going to provide my typical commentary on why and how each of these are useful because infographics tend to be lighter on information than blog posts and for good reason.

It’s the medium, right?

So, before I get to the infographic, bare with me as I go through each of the 10 email marketing tips. I’ll leave the Beatles tie-in to the infographic because they do it better than I could.

1) Use Email Retargeting

The internet is a huge place. Retargeting your email list subscribers with an advertisement is a great way to reach your subscribers elsewhere.

Just like retargeting your website visitors with advertisements, it’s also important to retarget email list subscribers.

2) Use Trust Signals

Trust is important on the internet because you can’t see a real person and it’s sometimes nearly impossible to know if a website is real or fake. Trust signals help make things a bit more trusting of the sender for the recipient.

For email, trust signals could be reviews from other happy customers and it could also link back to the originals. Trust signals can increase click-through rate by up to 25% according to the infographic.

3) Automation

Email performs better than every other digital marketing channel. It’s better than social media, advertising, and search engines. You have to have a plan behind your emails though and that’s where automation comes in.

Your email has to have a path and a purpose to bring recipients down a path. If there’s no purpose then you can’t get people to go where you want them to.

Email without a goal is pointless.

4) Don’t Buy Or Rent Email Lists

This one should be obvious by now but if not, don’t do it. When you send an email to one of these lists you end up with bounces, reports, and unsubscribes likely to get your email provider account shut down.

Buying or renting an email list is the worst thing you can do for your email marketing. Share on X

Not only should you not rent or buy lists, you should be careful of spam lists that seem like they’re real. WordPress has a bad habit without filters of allowing a lot of fake accounts get created. These accounts are from a lot of real email addresses but they didn’t really subscribe.

It’s just bad players who are spamming for the heck of it and making people look bad in the process.

Your entire list will get shut down if you get reported (and you will) and you’re back to where you started.

5) Get Help

If you aren’t an expert with email marketing then it might be best to work with an expert. There are a lot of subtleties with email marketing and only somebody who regularly works in email marketing will understand them.

Your email strategy will thank you if you work with an expert. We’d be happy to talk with you about your email marketing needs with a free 30-minute consultation.

6) Shopping Cart Abandoned

People often don’t complete the purchase they set out with the intent on completing. There are a lot of distractions in the world so you have to use email to bring them back.

When someone abandons their cart that’s a good opportunity for you. Take the opportunity to email them and let them know they left something in their cart. This is a great way to bring them back to make the purchase.

There have been a few times where I can say I had a genuine interest in completing a purchase but got distracted. Thanks to cart abandonment emails I was reminded to head back to the website and complete the purchase. I did and they got my money.

7) Get Sharing

If you want to get some social media traction from your emails be sure to include sharing icons. Just by reminding people about sharing it will increase the chance they do. If your content gets shared then you can gain another subscriber or get more traction with your content.

8) Always Customer Service

One of the most important ways to retain and get more sales is through customer service. Just having excellent customer service isn’t always enough though.

Customer service is one of the hardest areas to get right for any business. Share on X

Go beyond having amazing customer service and make it extremely easy to contact you. Making it difficult to find how to get in touch with customer service (usually not done on purpose, it just happens) is in itself bad customer service.

9) Make It Mobile

Just as designing websites for mobile first is important in the mobile world we live in, so are emails. Each email you send needs to look good on mobile devices because 53% of emails are read on a mobile device according to the infographic.

10) Personalized

The final tip is to personalize emails. Consumers are more expectant of personalized marketing so creating personalized email is a must. Emails should show relevant products to each customer depending on what they’ve been looking at on your website.

If someone was browsing boots on your website and you send them a coupon for dresses, that’s a fail. You want to track the data of what they’ve been looking at and then send them an email that’s relevant for them.

If I’m looking at boots on a website then a coupon for boots would spur me to make the purchase right away.

Last Words

That’s it!

Before the infographic, be sure to brush up on some ways to grow your email list. Also, if you’d like to work with a professional on your email marketing strategy feel free to set up a time for your free 30-minute consultation.

If you’d rather see how others see your business online presence, get a free online presence report.

And now for the infographic:

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