A Secure Website Is Increasingly More Important – Google Says So

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In case you need another reason for having a fully secure website, Google recently gave it to us.

You may already know that keeping your customer’s data secure should be your top priority. That’s great but maybe you need some other incentives to secure your website. I hope not but maybe you do.

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser on the internet. According to Net Market Share, Chrome commands 58% of the browser market share according to January 2017 data.

Browser market share January, 2017

That means when Google makes a big change to their browser, you listen. Well, they made a big change and they are going to make an even bigger change.

Google Chrome has 58% browser market share and is the most important browser. Share on X

Not only do secure websites rank better in Google search results, they will continue to gain benefits over websites that are not secure. Now Google is following this trend by making a secure website more important by changing their browser too.

They are making changes in phases. Phase 1 has passed already but it’s not too late. Making the change now is better than never.

Secure Website Phase 1

Phase 1 isn’t a huge change and probably won’t affect many websites. Login information is the only change in phase 1.

If a website requests login information and the website isn’t secured, Google will alert visitors.

Here’s what Google Chrome will show visitors to a website that requires login information but isn’t secure:

Google Chrome non-secure login request


That isn’t a good look for any website. It creates immediate distrust in the website. That’s fair, though. No website should ask for login information without securing it.

Not just login information should be secure, though. All visitor information should always be secure which is why the next two phases are important.

Secure Website Phase 2

This phase is a warning where Google is telling you to get your butt in gear.

It’s time to get your website secured right away.

The second phase will only be shown to people visiting non-secure websites in incognito mode.

Visitors to ALL websites that do not use HTTPS will see the following warning in their address bar:

Google Chrome not secure website
Source: Wordfence

That’s definitely not a good look for your website. Luckily this will only be seen for users in incognito mode which is rare. Most people don’t use incognito mode regularly. It’s often only used in certain circumstances.

That leads us to the last stage,  the one that should have you running to get your website SSL certificate.

Secure Website Phase 3

Phase 3 is the big change to come in a future Chrome release. Probably way down the road. It’s never too early to start planning, though, because it may take some time to get your end ironed out.

Google Chrome will punish you if your website isn't secure. Share on X

This phase will take phase 2 and role it out to everyone. Yup, if you don’t have a secure website by phase 3, your visitors will probably turn and run the other way.

So, anybody who visits your website after phase 3 will see this on your website if you haven’t secured it by then:

Google Chrome not secure website
Source: Wordfence

That’s not what visitors want to see on a business website. To see a big red caution sign and the words NOT SECURE catches people’s attention and doesn’t look trustworthy.

That’s why you want to get your website figured out so it’s secure soon. Google Chrome displays secure websites in a great way now.

If you secure your website now, Google search engine AND Chrome will reward you. With a secure website the Google Chrome browser will look like this in the address bar:

Google Chrome secure website

You’ll get a nice green secure which tells visitors you’re trustworthy. Visitors will immediately take you seriously and trust your business website.

That should all be a reason for you to put a secure website at the top of your priority list. This in addition to Google search boosting secure websites (slightly)in search results. I include ‘secure website’ on The Online Presence Report because it’s an important part of your online presence.

Build Trust

Paying attention to all the details helps your business grow trust with customers. Your online presence depends on that trust.

You want an expansive, consistent, and trustworthy online presence. Building an online presence takes many pieces that take a lot of time to master.

If you’re looking to perfect your small business online presence, you should of course start by getting your free personalized Online Presence Report and then get a quote so we can talk about how your business can get more customers online.

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