Become a Search Pro And Grow Your Business With This One Tip

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Many tasks you’ll need to do for your business online requires you to become a search pro. Not only does search help you learn more about your industry, it lets you find competitors and customers.

More important than simply searching for information, though, is to search for it intelligently using the tools you have available. There’s one tip that will help you become a search pro, though. Date based search lets you search with the benefit of only getting results during a time you specify.

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Search engines hold a lot of information, sometimes too much to find what you’re looking for. A date based search will let you dig deeper into results and find more relevant information.

Date based search will help your business in these ways:

  • Find active communities online where your customer might be.
  • Find the most active and relevant competitors to keep tabs on.
  • Search for relevant industry events and information about them.
  • Research keywords that are time sensitive.
  • And more!

I use the date range feature on most of my searches because I want to find information that’s either recent or updated often.

Whenever you’re searching for something on a search engine, always try limiting the time frame of your search first.

How To Be A Search Pro

Most search engines make it easy to limit the search date range. I’m going to cover the two main search engines, Google and Bing.

Because Google is the largest search engine, I’ll cover performing a date range search with it first.

Google Date Range

Perform your search as you normally would with Google. You’ll get an exhaustive list of results that you surely couldn’t sift though, though.

With your results at hand, go to search tools and select the menu that says All time. You can choose pre-defined date ranges from the menu or you can specify a custom range.

Google Date Range Search

Bing Date Range

Bing is even easier to do a date range search than Google. Just as you would with Google, search first. Also, as with Google, you’ll have an exhaustive list of search results.

Select the Any time menu and you can select a pre-defined date range or specify a custom range.

Bing Date Range Search

Whether you use Google, Bing, or another search engine, using the date range helps you sift through results. Sometimes specifying a date range isn’t the best for your search, but often it will benefit you. If you’re looking for data, a date based search is necessary because you want the most recent research and data.

A search using the date range is a great option for doing research when writing for your business, also.

Learn From Others

I’ve provided many tips on getting started blogging and even a post on how to master the start of your blog. One thing I didn’t cover in either of those posts is how important researching both blog post topics and the posts themselves.

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Writing a blog post for your business requires using a search engine for research. When I started doing research I found it difficult to find exactly what I was looking for. With clever phrasing of my search terms I was able to do somewhat better. When I started searching using date ranges, my results improved even more.

There’s a lot of information out there to learn from, and searching helps you find it. Recent blog posts are hard to find because they haven’t made it to the top of search engines results. With a date based search you’ll be able to find recent information that will help you grow your business.

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