4 Blogging Tips For Beginners To Make A Successful Blog

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Getting started with anything is usually an overwhelming process.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed at first when you started learning something new?

Blogging is no different. These 4 blogging tips for beginners are meant to help you feel a bit less overwhelmed.

There’s a learning process that goes into blogging that takes time and patience. Don’t have any time or patience? Well, this article can take a little bit of the pain out of it but you’ll still learn the most by picking up your keyboard and typing.

When you decide it’s time to pick up blogging, your business will thank you. The benefits are endless and the trust you will build with your clients is much stronger than you’d develop with other means of acquiring clients.

The trust factor is the top reason blogging is so much better than advertising or other more direct approaches to marketing. The leads you get through blogging are more qualified and some new leads will already be a fan of your company too!

Over time as you master blogging starting with these blogging tips for beginners, you’ll notice your website traffic grow.

Ready to get into some tips to help you get started on the blogging journey for your business?

Make Goals

Soon after thinking about blogging for your business, you’ll want to make goals. Without goals it’s hard to know the best path to take and where to spend your time. This is one of the most important of the blogging tips for beginners.

Blogging without goals is like driving with a blindfold on. Share on X

Blogging is a big time investment and approaching it with a goal will help you use your limited time effectively. Your goals will be unique but here are a few examples to give you some ideas:

  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Build a steady stream of new leads.
  • Get new subscribers to your email list.

Whatever your goal may be, before you start thinking about what you’re going to write about, how often, or anything else, goals are your first step.


Without goals then you will be starting your blog for no reason. Your goals give you that reason and something to work towards. If you have goals then you will know what steps you need to take to be successful.

Goals also have the added benefit of motivating you to go further. If you make a goal then you’ll want to reach that goal.

Blog Early

Start blogging as soon as you’ve gone through the planning stages. The earlier you start blogging, the earlier you’ll start seeing results.

The sooner you start blogging, the sooner you'll start seeing results. Share on X

It takes a while to see results from blogging because you have to build up enough content for search engines to take you seriously and to have something to offer visitors. It also takes time to build an audience for your blog which is essential to its success.

Blog Often

With your goals in hand and your schedule in mind for the next step, figuring out how often you’ll blog is the next blogging tip for beginners.

Don’t let the desire for perfection determine how often you blog, either. Not every post will be absolutely complete and not every post will be a super-star. The important part is to keep going. You can always return to a previously blogged on topic and fill it out more.

Don't wait for perfection to blog. Start and keep doing it as often as possible. Share on X

How often you can blog is a balance between how fast you want to see improvements in your website and how much time you want to invest. Blogging once a month is going to take you a lot longer to achieve success than blogging three times a week.

HubSpot did some research on blogging and as expected found that the more a company blogs, the higher its traffic.

HubSpot monthly traffic chart for number of blog posts.
Source: HubSpot

The more you post the faster you’ll see benefits and those benefits are likely to be better.

Even with this in mind, don’t let the inability to make 11 posts per month hold you back from blogging. Even blogging one time per month is better than not blogging at all.

Blog Steady

I originally had this tip named blog often but your schedule will be as unique as you are. Your often might not be my often. Steady is a better tip because it doesn’t matter how often you blog (within reason) but rather if you blog on a schedule.

This is so important you should make your schedule as soon as possible. If you make a schedule, subscribers to your blog will know what to expect and when to expect it.

A blogging schedule will help create consistency for readers and help motivate you. Share on X

Your schedule could be every Monday, every other Monday, once a month, or even every weekday. Your schedule will be unique but whatever you can commit to, schedule it. My schedule for this blog is every Monday and Thursday a new post.


As I mentioned above, your subscribers will know when to expect a new post. Consistency in your brand is important. Creating and sticking to a schedule will help create consistency for you and your audience.

Another reason to create a schedule is that it will help motivate you. If you know when you have to publish a new post then you’ll be more motivated to get it done and stick with it.

Your schedule creates accountability and accountability will give you the motivation to keep writing even through obstacles.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to go out there and get started blogging. There are a lot of challenge you’ll experience but with these blogging tips for beginners you should be able to overcome the challenges.

Motivation is one of the biggest challenges but these tips will help you overcome lackluster motivation especially.

If you want some more specific tips for blogging then the article I got tips from the community on, community advice for new bloggers, might be a good place to look also. This advice is great for those trying to build their personal brand blog because it’s mostly advice from those who blog for their career rather than a business.

Get Some Guidance

If you’re just getting started blogging and you need some guidance, I’m available and will always give you a free 30-minute consultation. If you need something a bit more to find out how you can turn blogging into business, I offer many solutions that will help you put everything together into a cohesive business building effort.

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