Good Blog Post Ideas Makes It Easier To Grow Your Small Business

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Arguably one of the most difficult tasks of blogging is coming up with good blog post ideas. Have you ever run into a wall when trying to think of ideas?

Hopefully, you haven’t because there are a lot of ideas out there, you just have to know where to look. There are plenty of ideas floating out there for you to find and write about.

If you keep in mind that marketing is for helping people, you’ll figure out where and how to look. Once you’ve found an idea, always be sure to ask yourself before you start writing, will this topic help someone?

So, what makes good blog post ideas?

A Good Idea

Before you even start venturing out trying to think of good blog post ideas, there’s one important piece you can’t miss. You need to know what a good idea is for your business. That means knowing who your audience is and learning what will help them.

A good idea for your small business won’t be a good idea for others. Much of what’s good for others won’t be good for you. That’s why there are no specific tips I can give you. Instead, I must rely on generalities that can be applied in different circumstances.

A good idea is something that your customers find valuable to them. It will help them accomplish something or do something for them. Your good ideas will be something people are looking for and draw them in.

A good idea is something that your customers are looking for and that will benefit your business. Share on X

After you’ve drawn them in you’ll hold them thereby giving them what they’re looking for. With a captive audience who’s interested in what you’re saying, you’ll be able to draw them even closer. With an impressive lead magnet, you’ll draw people into regular contact with your business perhaps by getting them to sign up for your email list.

That’s what a good idea will do for you.

A blog post has the goal of getting someone to do something. Good blog post ideas will play a part in connecting new visitors to a path that will help them become a customer.

Knowing your customer and why you want them to visit you is paramount to understanding how to help them.

There are plenty of places you can get good blog post ideas. There are also plenty of places which will allow you gather good blog post ideas that will help people.

Blog Idea Sources

The best advice that can be given for finding a source for good blog post ideas is to be where customers are. If you go where they are, join their conversations, and be helpful, you’ll get ideas on what to post. Not only that but you will build awareness in your brand.

The place you’ll go for blog post ideas is very different from where I will go. Since I’m targeting small business owners who want to expand their online presence, my current favorite spot is the social media network OwnIt [now closed].

Ideas for good blog posts is out there, you just need to look in the right place. Share on X

OwnIt is a social network dedicated to small business success which has a lot of people I want to get to know. I also frequent other places to get ideas, though. You don’t want to rely on only one source.

I also gather some ideas from these places:

Each one of these offers a unique perspective on what my likely customers are looking for. isn’t even a place where my likely customer would be, though. It is a place where others who offer similar solutions as me gather which is helpful. I get a lot of ideas there and read good conversations that spark ideas for my blog.

If you’re having trouble finding good stuff to post about, you haven’t found the right places yet. The questions your customers have are your good blog post ideas, you just have to find them.

Listen to your customers, cater to their needs and you will have an endless supply of ideas.

Piecing It Together

With a good understanding of what a good idea is and where to find them, you’ll never run out of good blog post ideas. It is a puzzle sometimes connecting it all to help your business. The benefits you’ll receive in business growth from good content marketing and great blog posts will continue to benefit your business.

Your blog posts are one link in bringing customer’s closer to your business but you don’t even need a website. There are ways to offer helpful content and drive likely customers right into your email list.

Expanding and growing an effective online presence isn’t always easy. To make sure your online presence looks and functions the way it should get an Online Presence Report to help guide your business growth.

Your blog and quality content is part of the puzzle. You want to draw people in, make them happy with something good, then bring them to something that will help them stay in touch and build your small business online presence.

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