Reasonably Priced Images To Enhance Your Brand Online

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Online brands are increasingly driven by visuals. That means it’s more important now to represent your business with images that enhance your brand.

It’s not always easy to find reasonably priced images that fit your brand and add value, though. Some online sources for images can be cost prohibitive for most small businesses.

To have an effective online brand you’ll be creating a lot of images too so that can get expensive. You’ll have to create images for:

  • Social media
  • Website
  • Marketing materials
  • Email Newsletters
  • And more!

Luckily there are some sources for reasonably priced images that won’t strain your already limited small business budget. They’re affordable and leave you with plenty of options either for free or for minimal cost.

Why does it matter if you get your images from a specific source though? Can’t you just download them from Google images?


You’re always responsible for where you get your images, who owns the copyright, and if you have the proper rights to use the image.

Staying Legal

Reasonably prices images never means downloading images from Google images and calling it good. You’ll often run into copyright infringement problems if you download them from somewhere on the internet.

You must have a license that allows for how you’re using it. If you don’t, you can be guilty of copyright infringement which can come with steep fines.

Make sure you have the proper license by sticking with one of the sources I mention below. Either that or another image website you’re sure has a license that covers commercial use of images.

To find out more about why using images legally and understanding their license is important, read about copyright infringement for your business.

You don’t have to spend any money to get images, though, your options will be more limited with free options.

Free Or Fee

You shouldn’t ever have to venture into using images illegally because there are so many reasonably priced images on the Internet. There are even good options that are free.

If you limit yourself to free then you’re also going to limit the number of images you have to choose from. Of course, there are thousands of free images out there but that’s nothing compared to the millions you’ll have to choose from if you pay some money.

Free images for your brand is a good way to start but isn't sustainable. Share on X

Pixabay is the best free option for images which I wrote about in my post the one resource you need for free stock photos. Pixabay is an awesome options and I used it for many years. The number of images it has available is excellent for a free option but you will sometimes find it limiting.

Free vs Fee Image Options

I found it limiting at times. That’s why when the opportunity came for me to invest a bit of money into better images, I did. When you’re starting out, it’s okay to start with free but you’ll quickly need to at least choose one of the options I provide next.

Two Options For Reasonably Priced Images

Luckily there are options when it comes to reasonably prices images. You don’t even have to outgrow the free option before you jump into one of these options.

For a long time I supplemented my free image use from Pixabay with the first option, pay per use. I more recently started paying for a bucket of images which have opened my options up significantly.

Pay Per Use

This is a good option if you rarely need an image or you won’t need to reuse the image. This option only works if you’re using Canva which is an excellent application to use anyways. I mentioned Canva in my 5 blogging tools you can’t live without post.

Canva allows you to search a huge library of images which cost $1 each. The catch for this great pay per use prices is that you can only use the image in that design. You can also only edit that design without paying another $1 for 24 hours.

So, images you buy from Canva are good for only one use and 24 hours only. The good part, though? You can work on an image with a draft version of a photo for as long as you’d like and even save it to try out. The image will have a watermark and lines through it but when you’re satisfied with your design, you can pay your $1 and save a high quality final version of it.

Pay per use images is good for light users but can rack up costs fast. Share on X

Once you have a high quality final version of your image, you can use that anywhere you like but you’ll have to pay to edit the original again.

If you are a light image user, need lots of image options, and won’t need to use an image in multiple places, this is a great option for reasonably priced images.

What if you want more images, though? The bucket of images is an excellent option and isn’t too expensive either.

Bucket Of Images

Up to recently there was no reasonably priced images that you could get a bucket of. That means you buy X number of downloads per month and can use the image in most ways you’d like and as many times as you’d like.

There are still stipulations on how you can use them but your options are much more open.

A few months ago DepositPhotos (affiliate link) released a new plan called the Flexible Plan which cost $29 per month. For the $29 you get to download up to 30 images at any resolution you’d like. Once you’ve reached your 30 image limit you can buy more photos for only $1 each. That’s an excellent price!

There’s even more benefit to the plan. If you don’t download the 30 images you’re allocated per month, they carry over to the next month. That means if you don’t use all your images, you can stock pile them for another month that you use more (and that will happen).

As long as you stay subscribed to the plan you’ll continue carrying over the bucket of unused images from the previous month.

DepositPhotos gives you access to over 50 million options so you’re unlikely to ever run out of options.If you’re interested in this plan, head over to DepositPhotos and sign up for the Flexible Plan for $29/month.

The goal for your online brand is to grow your business. Images help make an impression and become a memorable brand for those that visit your website. It’s all about making an impression.

Make An Impression

Growing your brand online is all about catching people’s attention and making a good first impression. Images will help you do that because the internet is driven by graphics.

Your business requires images for almost every aspect of your online brand. There are plenty of good options for reasonably priced options that range from free to a monthly fee.

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, your options for downloading high quality images will grow. The more you’re willing to spend and the more visual you make your brand, the more memorable you’ll be.

How much of an impression is your brand making online?

Get your free Online Presence Report to find out.

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