The #1 Search Engine Optimization Benefit For A Business Website

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There are many benefits to search engine optimization (SEO) if done right. There #1 search engine optimization benefit is the most important though.

I’ve always been a bit skeptical of the purpose of SEO. A more broad definition of what SEO is makes it more meaningful to your business though.

Looking at SEO from the standpoint of just ranking #1 is pointless. In fact, I recently wrote an entire article on how the top ranking is pointless for most high traffic keywords.

But, the #1 benefit of SEO is that organic search traffic is your biggest source of website traffic and quality leads.

Yes, organic search will bring you a lot of highly targeted leads without incurring recurring charges to continue the traffic.

If you cover the two important aspects of SEO then you’ll see a benefit.

  • Good content that people care about.
  • Proper technical SEO of your website.

You know the #1 search engine benefit but there’s more to know than that.

What SEO Can’t Do

Yes, SEO is important for a business website but there are also a lot it won’t do.

For SEO to benefit you there needs to be an understanding of what it is and the work required behind it.

SEO isn't a silver bullet for your business website. It requires hard work and time. Share on X

You can’t pay a company $500 to “SEO your website” and achieve a higher ranking a week later.

If you do then there’s most likely shady behavior going on and you will lose in the long run.

If you lose from the bad practices they’ve done then it’s going to take a long time and a lot of money to be seen as trustworthy again in a search engines eyes.

OK, so SEO isn’t a silver bullet.

Technical SEO alone can’t make your content do much better.

Getting SEO to work takes

  1. Researching the right keywords to optimize for in search engines.
  2. Creating awesome content based on those keywords.
  3. Reaching out to others with your content to promote it and make it rise in search results.

The technical aspect of SEO is only a small part of optimizing your content.

It will help the right content but isn’t going to help the wrong or useless content.

Technical SEO dwarfs in importance to creating amazing content and then reaching out to others with that content.

If you do SEO right then you’ll realize the #1 search engine optimization benefit.

If you realize the #1 benefit then you’ll get some amazing benefits for your website.

Traffic From Organic Search Is Steady

The #1 search engine optimization benefit will reward you greatly with steady traffic to your website.

Free traffic that comes to your website regularly is a gift that keeps on giving.

If you have the right content and the right lead magnet you’ll grow your online presence for as long as your content is useful.

Traffic to your website that you get from sources other than organic search are nice but they can be volatile.

  • Paid search and ads cost you money as long as you want the traffic. You stop paying then the traffic stops.
  • Organic social media traffic is great but it’s volatile. You may get a spike one day then no more traffic.

Organic search results are stable and steady. If you have good content that’s still relevant, visitors will continue to come.

Not only will visitors continue to come, they’ll more than likely grow rather than shrink over time.

It will cost you money and/or time to create good content for your business website.

Once you’ve done the creating and some initial outreach, though, the traffic you get is all free. You won’t have to pay again and it’ll continue to earn you new leads that eventually with trust turn into customers.

Organic traffic is the best but there’s no reason you shouldn’t do more.

Supplementing Organic Search

Just as you need variety in your personal financial investments, you need variety in your lead generation methods.

It’s always good to spread out your risk as much as possible. If one source of leads for your business dries up for good or has a dry spell then you have other sources of leads.

That’s how everything works.

Don’t put all your eggs in once basket.

Spread out the risk to your business as much as you can and you’ll be safer when tough times occur. Tough times will occur, it’s just a matter of when.

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Generating leads for your business with organic search traffic is an amazing way to keep high quality leads coming for very little upfront cost.

There’s no reason you can’t supplement that with a reasonable amount of paid search traffic.

You can still achieve high-quality leads with paid results but you can start and stop paying at will whenever it works for your finances.

Paid search results is a good way to get a boost of traffic to your website here and there as money allows.

While you should mainly focus on organic search results for your business, paid results are a nice supplement.

There’s one more huge benefit to the #1 search engine optimization benefit.

Highly Targeted Traffic

Organic traffic is amazing for your website.

What’s more amazing for your website?

Organic highly targeted traffic that brings in high quality leads on a regular basis.

With organic traffic, you’re empowered to choose exactly what people are searching for and then create content that answers their questions.

Targeted organic search traffic lets you pick your audience so they match your ideal customer. Share on X

With that content, you can capture a lead with supplemental content that improves visitors experience.

With supplemental content (lead magnet) you’ll be able to ask for an email address for them to receive it.

That’s powerful.

Now you’re building a list of people in your target audience who you can keep in close, meaningful contact with.

No other marketing tool can offer that.

Facebook makes you pay to reach your audience. Twitter lets you drown in a sea of Tweets so you’re overlooked.

There’s still nothing more personal than someone’s email inbox. It’s personal and you should feel honored to be invited in when they ask to receive your content.

If you spend a lot of time mastering these things you can achieve good success with organic search results.

Doing all this isn’t your business though. You have a business to run.

Achieve The #1 Search Engine Optimization Benefit

Pairing good technical search engine optimization with good content is a winning strategy for you.

It takes years of expertise and a whole host of resources to take advantage of search engine optimization benefits.

With content that’s useful to people and some outreach, you’ll gain traction with your website and rise in search results.

I want to partner with you to take care of increasing your online presence while you take care of your business.

Together we’ll build your business to have a steady stream of organic search traffic that will bring you steady traffic.

You have the expertise in your business and I have the expertise in expanding your online presence to reach new customers. Be sure you book a free 30-minute consultation so we can talk about growing your business online.

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