4 Tips for Writing The Best B2B Emails For Effective Lead Generation

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Email remains one of the most effective marketing channels despite how much the marketing scene has changed. Email marketing is quite efficient and has a wider range of outreach than other marketing tools. However, writing B2B emails is a delicate craft and one that has not been quite mastered. What to write and what not to write still remains a mystery to many who find their emails getting sidelined or labeled as SPAM. This is mainly because the recipients are diverse, and have varied preference and needs.

The aim is to write compelling, creative and engaging content that meet the needs of your prospects. In light of this, here are 4 tips for writing the best B2B emails for effective lead generation:

1) Create a Prospects List

A prospect list is an email contact list of the businesses and people you have the purpose of broadcasting your lead generational emails to. 51% of marketers say that creating email lists will improve marketing performance. Note that you need to use different ways in order to acquire more email addresses because these emails are permission-based.

Every marketing email to an email list requires that you include easy instructions (or preferably a link) to unsubscribe. Share on X

Make sure to include the unsubscribe option so that your recipients can unsubscribe from your newsletters at their own convenience.

Do your research well and get to know your audience as it will help you determine the style of writing to use. It will also help you write and send targeted emails that describe the pain points felt by your recipients and reveal how your company plans to solve these challenges. Finally, sort your list according to the businesses, groups or individuals that are most receptive.

This list will serve as your main prospects for lead generation emails.

2) Use Power Subject Lines

A huge percentage of people, particularly those in the business world receive numerous amounts of emails every day. The decision whether to open these emails is mainly based on the subject line. If it does not captivate the reader, then the email will never get opened.

You should be sure that you choose the right tone that warrants your email to be opened. The subject line should be catchy and captivate your readers’ attention instantaneously. It should also give your readers an idea of what you will deliver in your message.

Subject lines are somewhat similar to calls to action, in that, you want to entice your readers to open your emails. It is advisable to start the subject line with active verbs. This will give inspiration to readers and will be a result of the probable opening of your email.

3) Personalize Your B2B Emails

Personalized emails will catch the interest of your prospects and improve click-through rates by a significant percentage. They also build a deeper connection with your clients and increases the effectiveness of your email marketing. Therefore, this is an important marketing strategy that should be applied when composing lead generation emails.

Personalization has been made achievable by today’s modern technology. With marketing automation tools, you can tailor your campaigns based on the content interest of your prospects. For example, if a recipient downloads an eBook about a specific topic, then you could place them in an email track that targets that specific topic.

Marketing automation has proven to be successful over the years with over 90% of its users vouching for it. You could also analyze consumers purchase history and send them related offers or ask them to fill out a survey and send them emails related to the topics that interest them most.

Use your lead’s name as opposed to writing phrases such as ‘Dear Customer’. When signing off your email, use the name of your marketing directors or executive team instead of using the company’s name. This will make the email look more authentic and personalized.

4) Keep it Straightforward

Ideally, emails should contain 200 to 300 words. Remember, your recipients have other emails to attend to, therefore, ensure that your content is short and precise. Focus on the prospect’s pain points in the first few sentences by using clear and compelling sentences so that they are engaged and inclined to read more. This will show that you have a good understanding of the challenges that they face and make you the ideal person to offer advice and solutions.

The quicker you can communicate value to your readers, the better your emails will work. Share on X

The best emails focus on delivering quality content. Therefore, give precise and accurate information to generate high returns on your investment. Make use of white space and use simple templates (complex templates get opened less) that can function well on mobile phones. Writing short emails will also help reduce the time you spend on writing and make you more productive.


Creating lead generating emails is quite a daunting task due to the technicalities and the dynamics necessary in writing them. It involves experimenting with various tactics and combining the tactics across multiple channels. This trial and error process will require being carefully analyzed and refined to perfection.

With the tips highlighted in this article, organizations can forge the best B2B emails for effective lead generation.

Do you have any additional tips? Feel free to share them in the comments section.

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