Email marketing is a powerful way to stay in touch with current and potential leads. Its power lies in the fact that you own your list and you can directly contact your audience without paying anything.

We can help you build your email list from your current audience and visitors to your website. As we help you build your email list we can also help you build an automated email campaign that will help nurture your leads.

The entire process starts with a good reason to sign up for your email list which we help you figure that out. From there we'll work with you on how to get more subscribers and give them information that will help them and nurture them into leads for your business.

Email Marketing and Automation

How Email Marketing Works

Every client we work with to help their email marketing strategy is unique. We've simplified the process into three steps to help you understand how email marketing can help you. When we talk with you about your email marketing strategy part of what we'll do is help determine what the best strategy is for your business and audience.


Get Subscribers

We'll work with you to figure out the right way to get new subscribers to your email list. It may be a coupon, it may be a lead magnet (guide, whitepaper, etc.) or it could be the promise of helpful info.


Automate Emails

If you're a good fit for automation, we'll work with you to create the right campaign for your business. No matter what type of business we'll work with you to create the ideal automation. That means as you get subscribers, purchases, or whatever, your emails will send automatically on a schedule to build your business.


Nurture Leads

Your automated email marketing will nurture leads over the span of their campaign. Each path in your campaign will lead your subscribers through a path that will help them and you. When your automation completes it'll end in a purchase or a warm lead who is ready for you to sell to.


Sell Something

The final step in the process is for you to sell something to your leads. Sometimes selling doesn't even have to involve you doing anything. A simple abandoned shopping cart automation can help bring customers back to your store to finish buying. Whatever the case may be, your automation will bring people closer to buying.

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