Your Business Focus Is Your Business, Not Everything Else

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You’ve got skills. Right?

What you’re good at should be your business focus.

Running your business isn’t easy but if you stick to what you’re good at and what makes you money then you’ll succeed.

If you start getting bogged down with the details then your business can quickly get out of control.

What happens when you become bogged down?

Things begin to get neglected and your business becomes less enjoyable.

The goal is to always stay focused on what makes you money and find other who will help make that happen.

Ask yourself every day what your business does to stay focused.

What Does Your Business Do?

This is the question you have to answer when you’re starting out your business.

You also have to keep that question and answer in mind every day.

Keeping this questions in mind will not only help you stay focused but it will also help you stay focused on who your target audience is.

Knowing your target audience and catering your entire online presence to them is good for growing your business online.

The answer to this question is what your expertise is. Other business owners have a different answer to this question.

Your Expertise vs Other’s

Other’s answer to what their business does is different to yours and that makes them an expert in what they do.

Whether you’re an accountant, photographer, or contractor your expertise is your business.

You’re either really good at what you do or you’ve done it a lot. Probably both.

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It has taken me a lot of years to become truly good at what I do to where I would call myself the expert.

Of course, some people will call themselves the expert after a few months fumbling through things but they’re easy to spot.

You live and breath your industry every day learning everything there is to know.

You’ve invested the time and learning to become awesome.

Others have done the same thing to become awesome at what they do.

There’s one problem though.

That feeling that you need to drop what you do well and pick up something else to save a few dollars.

That’s great if what you’re picking up won’t ever pay itself back in some way and you have the time.

Don’t Turn Investment Into Expense

The problems is when you take an investment and turn it into an expense.

This is common in web design and I understand why. A lot of web designers are just commodities who charge you for a website.

That’s an expense, though. Who knows if it will generate income or not right?

Web designers are where the problem lies though because your website isn’t just a website, it’s a business tool.

When you lay down your skills and what you’re good at you’re accepting that your website is just a subpar business tool that you want just because someone says you need it.

That’s not good enough.

Everybody’s an expert in what they do and your website deserves somebody who understands the business need and goals behind it.

There’s an important art AND science to a website and how it fits into your business goals. A good web designer who understands your project best interest is the way to go.

It’s a little bit different when you’re starting out though right? No money, no time, and no idea if you’re going to make it.

When You’re Starting Out

When you’re starting your business it’s hard.

You’re short on cash, short on time, and overall you have a million things to think about.

I know, I’ve been there.

Heck, even now I still haven’t fully escaped it.

Even with that in mind, there are some investments that you have to make.

There is a risk in starting any new business though.

If you’re not in a position to even take the risk, sometimes it’s best to do without some things rather than doing it yourself (I’m looking at you DIY website).

Yes, that goes for a website even because without a business goal for the website then it’s just going to eat up your time.

Sometimes making personal one-on-one connections on social media and in person is a better option to begin.

When you’re starting out your business determine what your business focus is and don’t venture too far off until you’ve perfected it.

Your online presence is an investment and certain parts of it shouldn’t be left to doing it yourself.

Your Online Presence Is An Investment

It’s true, your online presence is an investment in your business.

Just as buying a new tool that helps you do your work faster, better, or more accurate, your online presence is a tool to grow your business faster.

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If you’re working with a professional who builds your online presence to meet your growth goals then it’s an investment.

You can invest $5,000 in your online presence and within a year get $100,000 back. That’s a great investment payout!

Every industry will vary of course but a professional who knows how to break down your investment vs growth potential will be able to tell you if you’ll see a benefit.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Don’t get discouraged if you try to do it yourself though and don’t see progress. If you do it yourself and it’s not your business then it’s likely to fail.

If I tried to do surgery on you and fail, that failure was likely.

I’m not a trained surgeon and I never went to school for it.

You wouldn’t go to a back ally surgeon and get discouraged with all surgeons when the outcome isn’t good would you?

Just the same you wouldn’t go to a relative or even do it yourself and end up with a great outcome.

It’s all about working with the right people who dedicate their lives to helping businesses expand their online presence.

Work With The Right People

Finding the right person to work with is important. You have to find someone who has invested the time and know-how to be an investment in your business rather than an expense.

Your online presence should be an investment that will make you money. The right people can build it to be one.

For things like a website you always need to ask the right questions though. Of course, their work always needs to tie back to business goals.

Your online presence is there to bring you leads, a good web design agency to work with makes your project their priority in the right ways.

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