The Real Purpose of a Website Might Not Be What You Think It Is

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Nobody should have a website just because another business has one. That doesn’t help with what a website purpose really is. Every website should be a website with purpose all.

In fact, nobody should do anything in business just because everyone else is doing it.

Everything in your business should have a purpose and that your website too.

The entire reason free or cheap DIY website creators exists is because everyone thinks they need a website just to check it off the list.

The DIY creators cater to cheap websites that act as an online brochure. Their only purpose is to tell people that you exist and let them learn a little bit more about you. They probably even let someone contact you.

That’s not good enough for a business website. A website should do a lot more for your business.

Your business website is a sales tool. It should be an extension of yourself or your sales team in its ability to sell your product or services.

If a business website is executed properly then it does a job no employee can ever do. A website never sleeps or takes breaks.

How They’re Mostly Used

If you want to see how many businesses are using websites when they go the cheap route check out the templates at Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace.

They’re one size fits all solutions that are for those businesses who just want to get online, that’s it.

This is what we call a brochure website.

A brochure website is a simple business website with 1-3 pages that tell about the business.

The only call to action available is usually a button at the top to contact.

Customers can find your phone number, maybe a contact form, and perhaps a little bit about you and your business.

That’s not enough.

Don’t get stuck in the mindset that a website is only to tell people who are looking for you about your business.

A website is a tool to grow your business online. Share on X

There’s more to a business website and the website purpose should go further.

The Purpose Of A Business Website

Your goal for your business website should be bigger than to just have a website. There’s an art and science to web design which every web designer should understand and work with.

A business website should always tie to a bigger business goal and play a vital part in helping you achieve that goal.

I always want to tie the websites I design to a larger business goal that’s specific and achievable.

Specific is an important word because I hear a lot of goals like this: I want to get more customers.

That’s not specific nor does it help you reach any achievable goal. There are a lot of steps in the process to getting new customers so it’s a broad goal.

A more specific goal might be to bring in 5 new leads per month. This article isn’t about business goals, though, it’s about the purpose of a business website.

A small business with a purpose also needs a website with a purpose.

The purpose of a business website should be a resource that will help you reach a goal you’ve set.

It’s a goal machine that doesn’t sleep so a website can work harder and longer than any employee.

So, just as with an employee, a website is an investment in your business. The less you invest the less you’re going to get.

Don’t fall into the trap that most businesses, web designers, and web developers fall into. Look at your website in a different way to start changing how it works for you.

Look At Your Website A Different Way

When I’m approaching a new client the first discussion we have is how I’m not just creating a website for them.

I look at the whole project in a different way, especially the website.

Your business website is more than just a brochure, it's a tool that should work hard for you. Share on X

Most websites are approached from the art point of view but there’s another dimension that’s often forgotten.

A website is part art and part science. Without a combination of both, there won’t be an effective way to convert visitors into valuable leads that matter to your business.

There’s a lot more purpose to a website than to just provide information or a way for people to contact you.

If that’s all you want then you’re best off going with a free website or better yet sticking with social media.

A Facebook business page is sufficient if your only goal is to provide people with a way to contact you on the internet.

When you make the mental shift of looking at your website as a tool to grow your business, you’ll understand how important it is to invest in it.

Someone with a full understanding of how a business website is capable of growing your business is the only type of person you want to trust with such an important responsibility.

Make The Switch

Don’t hand people your website like a brochure and leave it up to them. Give people lots of opportunities to convert into a meaningful lead.

A good website that’s built for business is an investment in your future growth.

If you’re ready for a website with purpose that’s built with an understanding of your needs, check out the web design solutions we offer.

I don’t just want to work for you, I want to partner with you to produce a solution.

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