Small Business Purpose: Everything With Thought

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I’m going to be at Disneyland in a few days so I got inspired to write something related.

Purpose and thought seemed like the most relevant topic to Disneyland and how they became such a success in the business world.

So, I wanted to ramble a bit about small business purpose. It’s what should drive your business every step of the way.

Disneyland is one of the greatest companies of all time and one thing that makes them successful is that they do everything with purpose.

Walt was purpose driven, thought driven, and had his idea and paid attention to thinking about every detail to make his dream reality.

Sometimes all you need to do to create a successful business is be passionate and follow your gut to provide something the world needs.

A little thought will always go a long way.

Think About Every Decision

Your business is like an ever changing, growing, breathing thing made up of hundreds and thousands of moving parts.

A lot goes into your business and thoughtfulness brings it all together.

There should be thought and intention behind everything done for your small business.

Every action should have thought and intention behind it. Share on X

Data is a big part of marketing for bigger companies but many small businesses don’t have the resources or skills to analyze all that data.

Sometimes it comes down to using your brain and going with your gut. They both are an important piece of decision making process.

In the end whatever you make decisions on, think through it. Both gut and data require some thinking and justification to happen in your head.

Make Every Decision With Purpose

Everything with purpose.

Meaningful decisions with a business purpose to back it up will lead you down the best path.

Small business goals and marketing goals will help guide you to what your purpose is.

Each action you take from marketing to social media activity needs a purpose.

What are you trying to accomplish?

What goal can you tie to the purpose of the action you’re taking?

That’s what makes your small business purpose meaningful. If it relates to a small business goal, it’s meaningful.

Every purposeful decision you make for your small business and its online presence will help you reach your goal.

Your Online Presence With Purpose

Every decision made for your small business online presence has a purpose.

That means each part of your website needs to have a goal for people visiting it. Each part of your online presence should lead visitors somewhere.

You have an overarching goal for why your business is online. In many cases your website acts as a hub and all paths of your online presence (spokes) lead to that hub.

With the proper spokes that lead to a meaningful hub, you’ll have created a path for visitors to reach.

It’s always a good time to think about what your goals are for your small business and link those to your online presence.

An Online Presence Report will help you learn how well your online presence will help your business grow online.

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