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Send An Automatic Newsletter To Grow Your Business

Send an automatic newsletter to grow your business.

Wouldn’t it be nice to automate some of the tasks that help your business grow? It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think to automate a task that helps your business stay relevant to customers. An automatic newsletter can do just that by providing a steady stream of content from your blog or a news website. You […]

Organic vs Paid Marketing: Where to Invest

Organic vs Paid Marketing: Where you should invest your money.

There are few well-defined black or white answers in life. There are many grey areas that aren’t easy to define. Then there are those instances where there are several variables. Organic vs paid marketing is one of those things in life that relies on variables. Depending on the stage your business is in, you’ll probably approach marketing differently. Your marketing also […]

When To Create A Landing Page vs Web Page

When To Create a Landing Page vs Web Page overlayed over landing runway

Knowing when to create a landing page or a web page sounds complex, but it will be more clear after reading this post. When trying to decide landing page vs web page, understanding the basics of each can go a long way. The goal of a landing page isn’t the same as a web page even […]

The Blogging Mistake Your Business Can’t Afford

The one blogging mistake your business can't afford over coffee spilled on pile of papers.

There’s a lot to think about when blogging. One of the most difficult things to think of when starting or writing your blog is what to write about. The top business blogging mistake stems from not knowing what to write about on your business blog. Because blogging takes a lot of your time, making this mistake […]

Ideal Blog Post Length: Your Mileage May Vary

The Ideal Blog Post Length with stack of papers with writing on them in background.

Last week I wrote about why you must have a business blog. Keeping with that theme, I want to make it clear what the ideal blog post length is for your posts. There’s many different answers out there and it can have an effect on how your blog posts do in search engines and on social media. […]

Why You Must Have a Business Blog

Why you must have a business blog over man writing on notepad

Exposing customers to your business builds brand recognition and trust. The more you put your business out there the more likely it is to be seen. Similarly, the more you blog, the more likely customers are to see your business. A business blog is a great way to build brand recognition and trust with customers. The […]

Grow Your Business: Online Brand Design With Content Marketing

Chess pieces in the background with text overlay "Online Brand Strategy." Online brand design with content marketing.

Building a reputable brand online takes time and perseverance. With an effective content marketing strategy, it can be less painful, though. A good online brand design must take into account content marketing. Designing an online brand takes into account many factors. Some of those factors are social media presence, search engine optimization, and your website. Possibly the […]

SEO Purpose: Does It Really Have One?

SEO Purpose: Does it Really Have One?

Getting traffic to your website is a laborious task. It seems like everywhere you look another company is trying to tighten their grips on organic traffic to your website. SEO is often at odds with search engines but it can work together with them also. The purpose of SEO should really be about aligning your goals with […]

Build Lasting Client Relationships: Make Friends Not Sales

Build Lasting Client Relationships: Make Friends Not Sales. Picture: Business man in suit with jacket off fixing his bicycle tire.

Think of a company you love doing business with. One that you’re passionate about and going to them is a no-brainer. You know, the one who, even if the competition is cheaper, you won’t ever jump ship. That’s the company you want to look towards to learn how to build lasting client relationships. For me one of […]

4 Blogging Tips For Beginners To Make A Successful Blog

4 blogging tips for beginners overlaid over man writing on a notepad with laptop in the background.

Getting started with anything is usually an overwhelming process. Have you ever felt overwhelmed at first when you started learning something new? Blogging is no different. These 4 blogging tips for beginners are meant to help you feel a bit less overwhelmed. There’s a learning process that goes into blogging that takes time and patience. Don’t […]

Smartphone Marketing: 11 Free Apps That Will Help You

Hand holding an iPhone using Instagram with text overlay: 11 free app to help you do smartphone marketing better.

Last updated July 29, 2018 with updates to the YouTube app. The world is on the go. Nobody stays still to listen to your message very long. Your best chance is to make your message concise and make it interesting. It has to capture attention within seconds. Luckily there are tons of smartphone marketing tools […]

Budget Marketing Online How To For Business Growth

Learn how to use budget marketing methods online to achieve business growth.

Doing anything on a budget is no fun (but always necessary) and budget marketing is no different. To make things a bit more interesting, I’m going to talk about a few things that will help you do some marketing on no budget. Some ideas I mention assume you do have some basic framework in place […]

Create Better Content Than Your Competitors + Infographic

Create better content than your competitors.

This post provides an easy to reference infographic and full details to help you create better content. Ranking for the #1 spot on Google takes a lot of work and time. Ranking for that spot is also a moving target because Google gets smarter every day. I ran across this infographic the other day through a […]

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