Track Email Opens: Learn How Effective Your Emails Are

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How do you know if the emails you’re sending are effective?

If you don’t track email opens then you’ll never know if they’re effective. You’ll never know if you’re reaching people, going to spam, or being opened but ignored.

There are easy ways you can track email opens and get those valuable insights though.

You’ve done the work in making sure your business is professionally represented with a branded email address and you’re writing great emails.

You have to go further and gain insights into how your emails are performing.

The benefit you get from tracking emails is fairly obvious. You’ll see if your emails are opened now and in the future.

There’s more to it than just getting to see if your emails are open.

Some specific scenarios may help you understand how it can help your small business.

Why You Need To Track Email Opens

Tracking email opens is essential to effective communication with clients.

You will never know if your emails are effective without tracking them. Not only that but you’ll gain valuable insights.

It’s impossible to know if you’re wasting your time sending emails to the spam folder.

You To The Rescue

Imagine if you could send emails to a potential client helping them figure a problem out. You are hoping they will convert and you send them email after email with helpful blog articles.

Tracking emails lets you fine-tune your message to bring leads closer to clients. Share on X

Eventually, that lead may fall out of touch with you. That doesn’t mean they’re not thinking about the help you gave them or didn’t find it valuable.

Your lead was distracted at the time but 4 months go by without contact. After 4 months they start opening your emails again as they’re ready to really tackle the problem you were helping them with.

You’ll start getting alerts that the lead is opening your emails, the perfect time to follow up with more helpful information.

That contact will put you top of mind and you’ll look like a champion mind reader that comes to the rescue when the time is right.

If you’re able to track your emails and figure out when and if someone is opening them, you’ll be able to improve communications.

If you’re sending emails to a lead and they never open a single email, there’s a good chance you can stop emailing them. There’s nothing worse than filling up your day with tasks that don’t benefit your business.

Email ends up being busy work without an end game. Tracking email opens helps get you closer to the end game-plan.

You can track email opens with one of many free tools (with limited options of course).

Easy Way to Track Email Opens

There are many providers out there that will let you track emails you send. Free plans are free but they are limited.

Bananatag lets you track up to 5 emails per day for free but that’s a pretty tight limitation.

I don’t know about you but I send a lot more than 5 emails per day that need to be tracked.

There is a better option that I couldn’t find on any “top 10 email tracking” lists.

I’ve been tracking my emails for several years for free with HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot CRM is a great way to track emails to leads and clients. Share on X

Your small business needs a Customer Relations Management (CRM) system so why not use one that’s free for the basics and email tracking too?

When you outgrow the free version HubSpot is priced very reasonably per user.

Every email you send once you attach HubSpot to either Gmail or Outlook will be tracked and reported for each lead.

Once a lead opens your email you’ll receive a notification that they’ve opened your email.

HubSpot CRM Tracked Email Open Notice

You’ll know if and how many times an email is opened by your leads. HubSpot has an excellent (and detailed) guide on how to track emails.

Now you know the why and how. No excuses for doing it right?

Let’s Track

You are equipped with the reasons you need to track email opens and a tool to do it.

Without tracking your emails you’ll be ill-equipped to turn leads into clients.

Go sign up for a professionally branded email address and small business email provider. Make sure you’re writing emails that are likely to get a response. And, finally, track those emails so you can adjust your strategy for each lead with the right insights into emails you send.

If you have an issue there’s always a free consultation available to you to help you get email tracking set up and working for your business.

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