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This Is Why Meeting Travelers Needs With Your Website Is Essential

Meeting Travelers Needs With Your Website Isn't Easy

Travelers are a different type of consumer because of the unique ways they’re likely looking for businesses. If part of your target audience is travelers in your area then meeting travelers needs is necessary for your business to thrive. You’ll learn how to exceed these heightened standards with a seamless online presence that works well for traveling consumer’s journey.

4 Ways To Give Consumers The Best Online Shopping Experience

4 Ways To Give Consumers The Best Online Shopping Experience

Your website has a lot to compete wih because of real-world distractions and technical distractions. Offering the best online shopping experience means there’s an endless job of perfecting product pages and the checkout process. These 4 tips help you convert visitors into customers by offering a smoother online shopping experience.

What To Look For In A Good Web Designer Before You Hire Them

Get a simple list of questions you can ask someone before you hire them to design your business website. You don’t want someone who is only a designer but you also don’t want someone who’s not up to speed on design. There’s a balance and these questions will help you get the best person for the job.

17 Things Your Small Business Website Needs, 11 It Might

17 Things Your Small Business Website Needs, 11 It Might

Every small business website needs a purpose. These small business website needs will help you understand what you need to focus on for a successful business website. With the right items, the website can meet business goals and contribute to the success of your business.

Learn Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

Responsive Website: One part of a great customer experience. The background consists of a beautiful flower growing like a business.

Consumers are using mobile devices now more than ever. Smartphones are used in every step of consumer’s journey. That means your business needs a responsive website that will meet the demands of consumers and not put obstacles in their path.

How To Do Mobile Wrong

Don't do mobile wrong

I recently wrote about why you need a mobile-friendly website. That leaves the doors wide open to different ways of doing a mobile friendly website, many of them wrong. When I talk about doing mobile wrong, that doesn’t mean they are wrong, but in most cases don’t create the right type of experience for visitors […]

11 Reasons You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Your visitors are mobile. You need a mobile friendly website.

I’ve noticed a trend lately and it seems to be echoed all over the Internet. Mobile traffic accounts for most traffic to my websites, I estimate it at about 60% or more. Catering to mobile users first is the best way to start. Responsive web design is a great path for thinking mobile first and having […]

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