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Establish Your Expertise, Help You, Help A Reporter (HARO)

Help yourself by helping a reporter (HARO)

Becoming a professional source for news articles is a great way to show your expertise in your field. The difficult part is knowing where to start. Do you contact reporters? Do you seek out news sources you’d like to be featured on? Those are some options, but they may be more difficult than you think. There is […]

Learn Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

Responsive Website: One part of a great customer experience. The background consists of a beautiful flower growing like a business.

Consumers are using mobile devices now more than ever. Smartphones are used in every step of consumer’s journey. That means your business needs a responsive website that will meet the demands of consumers and not put obstacles in their path.

Get Setup For Success With Google Analytics For Beginners

Get setup for success with Google Analytics for beginners

That first time you open Google Analytics after signing up is overwhelming, to say the least. Do you remember opening it for the first time? It’s a great tool for tracking visitors, goals, growth, and more. It’s also a tool that does so much, it’s overwhelming for the average user when you first open it […]

Telling a Story with Graphics

Two young men sitting on a park bench talking to each other, telling a story with graphics.

You have a new website, you’ve learned the ropes of social media. The last remaining question is, how do you tell a story with graphics that will pique viewer curiosity? Telling a story with graphics that links a person to the story you tell in the content of your website is a great way to […]

How To Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment?

How Can You Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment?

When visitors come to your eCommerce store, there is some mystery about what’s going through their head. A visitor may find a product, add it to their cart, and go all the way to the checkout page. Once they’re at the checkout, they may vanish and that is the elusive cart abandon that’s so common […]

The Easiest Way To Create the Perfect Size Social Media Image

Social media icons with easy social media images.

There’s a lot of information out there to help figure out what the correct dimensions are for social media images. Infographics, templates, documents, charts, etc. all try to cover this basic information. While I love this information and the infographics are super helpful, (see the infographic at the end of this post) they leave something […]

Building Brands Online

Consistency In Building Brands Online

Building a personal or business brand online isn’t easy. Displaying the consistency across multiple online channels is a necessary part of the brand but it’s also something that’s difficult to keep up. It’s important for businesses to have an online presence that is as consistent as the offline presence. Keeping the Brand Imagine if one time you went […]

Where Should I Build My Portfolio

Build a Portfolio

This is the last installment of my building your personal brand online series of posts. I started with determining whether to go with a brand page or a website. I then went into where the best place is to blog. Now it’s time to go into the best place to build your portfolio. Your portfolio […]

Where’s the Best Place to Blog

I lied in my last post about writing this one next, but I didn’t do that on purpose, I forget about the holidays sometimes and what it can do to time. I am following through with it though and writing about the importance of the two major types of content you are going to need […]

Celebrating One Year of Helping People Build Their Personal Brand


It has been over one year since my first post on this website helping people build their personal brand. The course I created for Udemy has changed names many times and I did a lot of work on it. I even put a modified version of it up on Skillshare which has become a better […]

Where Should I Build My Personal Brand?

Where Should I Build My Personal Brand?

Building your online brand  is easier now than it’s ever been before. There are not only a myriad of social media sites out there which help you network in real-time to people all over the world but also many sites where you can publish content. There’s even some bleed-over now between social media and content […]

Reflecting on WordCamp Sacramento

Reflecting on WordCamp Sacramento

Early last month I became aware of a great event happening in my backyard which I had previously not known about. Through chance, I had a conversation with the good people at Beaver Builder and saw them talking about WordCamp Sacramento happening the next day. It had already been sold out so I was sort […]

How To Build An eLearning Portfolio

How To Build An eLearning Portfolio

If you work in eLearning in any capacity, you’ll more than likely have something you can show off on an online portfolio. Before you even get your first job you should have a minimal portfolio and as you become more experienced, it should grow with you. I have worked in eLearning before as an Instructional Designer and […]

How To Return To Blogging After A Break

How To Return To Blogging After A Break

There’s always that time in your blogging that you aren’t able to write. For whatever reason, you may need a few weeks off or even a month. Either way you’ll eventually need or want to return to blogging. This post is about my recent hiatus and with this article I break my posting hiatus and explain […]

How To Rank Blog Posts Faster In Search Engines

Peacock Shouting: How To Rank Blog Posts Faster In Search Engines

You just wrote a great new post for your blog and you want everybody to know about. You’ve shared it on social media and received a good bit of traffic, but you still want more. This is one great way to rank blog posts faster in search engines so people can find it. This is just […]

Does Unlimited Website Hosting Storage Really Mean Unlimited?

Server Racks: Does Unlimited Website Hosting Storage Really Mean Unlimited?

Many of the big players in website hosting claim to offer unlimited website hosting storage for most of their shared hosting accounts. Those are the cheapest hosting accounts, usually ranging from about $2 per month to $9 per month. Fortunately for most people running a personal website or a small business website, you’ll never have […]

Personal Brand Website Examples For The Rest of Us

Unique Fingerprint: Find Personal Brand Website Examples For The Rest of Us

It’s easy to find great personal brand website examples on the Internet. A quick search turns of several roundups of examples. Unfortunately many of those examples that turn up are from professional webs designers or graphic designers. Many of these examples aren’t practical for most though, especially when the website isn’t the main focus. Many times […]

GoDaddy vs Bluehost

GoDaddy vs BlueHost

At the risk of getting into a heated “discussion” about what website host is best, I’m going to write this anyway. I want to figure out what’s best in the battle of GoDaddy vs Bluehost (this is an affiliate link). I realize GoDaddy and Bluehost aren’t the only two options, but they’re the two I’ve been […]

How To Promote Your Blog Post

How to promote your blog post

I have a fairly scientific (I did a bit of testing & a bit of research) method for how I promote my posts. Although I’ve been a bit more lenient on it lately, it does show in my results. There are a few things you can do to promote your blog posts better using social […]

Community Advice for New Bloggers

Community Advice for New Bloggers

When you’re first starting blogging there’s a lot of things to think about. It’s a bit overwhelming. I asked for people’s advice on what they wish they’d known when they started blogging. I thought it would be helpful to put some of these pieces of advice together for community-sourced advice for new bloggers. None of […]

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